Modern Warfare 3 PlayStation 3 Elite Content Season Kicks Off February 28

PlayStation 3 Call of Duty Elite members get their first taste of the nine-month Modern Warfare 3 content season come February 28, when Activision launches the Liberation and Piazza maps for Sony's console.


    Ok... I don't usually comment on articles with no content. But this is a joke, it's frustrating expecting even just a little more information for clicking an article but only getting as much information as the front page. There isn't even links to places that have information.

    I'm expressing my disappointment for the benefit Kotaku, my suggestion would be to have 'snippets' on the front page. Things that don't look like articles but are just clearly reminders or quick updates that are nice to know but not read into. And instead of a 'more' link, it has a "comment" link. So people can talk about it if they want to, thus, creating more 'content' for kotaku.

    But what about PC?

      Apparently there's no dates for PC yet. I play on the xbox but I seriously think the lack of support for the PC is revolting.

    PLEASE STOP buying call of duty until it gets better

    Nicholas cole this isnt bullshit if u go on cod elite and look at the maps they are there i believe u must first go through the upgrades tab to get there -.-

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