Mojang Creating A Game Live -- All Proceeds Go To Charity

Man, Mojang — these guys are like the A-Team of the game development world. First Notch offered to bankroll a Psychonauts sequel, now they're creating games for charity? If you have a problem, if no-one else can help, and you can find them, maybe you can hire... Mojang.

It's being done with the help of Humble Bundle, another internet super hero. The idea is that Mojang will create the game in 60 hours — Game Jam style — and all the donations made during this time will go to charity.

In a 'Game Dev Story' style twist, they're also holding a vote for the genre and theme of the game. Hilariously, one of the available genres you can vote for is 'Peter Molyneux'.

Ever feel like playing an Ancient Egypt Dating Simulator? NOW IS YOUR CHANCE!

Head here for more info!


    Soooo you can really tell Mark's been at home during the day. Bit of daytime TV creeping into your lexicon mate.


      Maybe your too young to have Played Cyber Mage came out int the 90's was a wicked game. Or maybe you where being sarcastic

    " these guys are like the A-Team of the game development world"

    Yeah they sure are the A-Team, one viral half assed game that took 2 years longer than it should to be 'finished'.

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