More Mass Effect After Mass Effect 3?

More Mass Effect After Mass Effect 3?

The Mass Effect triology comes to an end this March when Mass Effect 3 is released… but will that be the end of Mass Effect forever? Perhaps not!

In an interview with PSM3, Mass Effect’s producer, Casey Hudson, said that the end of the trilogy may not mean the end of the Mass Effect. When asked if he was sad that the series was coming to an end, Hudson responded:

“We’re probably too busy to feel sad it’s over right now,” he said.

“I don’t think I’ll be sad. We’re not done yet, and I don’t know what the final experience will be, but I’m pretty sure Mass Effect 3 is the best in the series.”

Hudson said that the team had ambitious goals and they are proud to have made a series that spanned recessions, publisher take-overs, and BioWare’s independence.

Asked what happens next with the series, Hudson said: “We don’t know exactly, but there will be more Mass Effect for Mass Effect fans, I’m sure.”

What do you hope will happen to the Mass Effect brand after the third installment is released? Let us know!



  • I hope they don’t run it into the ground. People sometimes describe Mass Effect as the Star Wars of video games – let’s hope that comparison doesn’t become more literal. But then again, EA… so, yeah.

    • You mean you hope they don’t add Jar Jar Binks?

      “There’s not enogh Dewbacks in the scene! add more!”
      “B…But sir… they’re on the Deathstar… which also shouldn’t even be in a Mass Effect game”
      “Do you defy me?” *makes vaderesque choking gesture with hand*
      “w..what are you doing, sir?”
      “I’m disciplining you… you will submit”
      *looks blankly at Lucas* “uh…um…o-okay… sure. No problem.”
      *releases grip* “that’s more like it. Commander dispense with the body and contact the Emperor, he will be most pleased”
      “what body? who are you talking to? emperor?”
      *Lucas turns swiftly, seemingly flaring out some invisible cape, then leaves whilst humming the imperial march*

          • To be honest the addition of “ammo” pissed me off from a ‘lore’ perspective… then I realized they obviously weren’t going to pay much attention to details like that with the franchise going forward and shut off my brain. Then I had fun.

  • You know what would be awesome?
    A mass effect game in the vein of Sins of a solar empire.
    the epic space battles of the reaper/geth incursion, set during the time of commander shepard, but on a galactic scale.

  • Just imagine the spinoff titles set in the same universe

    Geth Tennis
    Krogan Street Fighter
    Leisure Suit Liara
    Mako Kart

  • is this really a surprise?
    I mean like they’ve actually made a new IP, what in gods name did you think would make them leave it alone!
    They’ll make a killing no matter what…
    Im just glad they didnt go all Assassins Creed on us with a 3 expansion games ^_^

  • I’d like to see a Mass Effect game that takes place from the alien side of things.
    The ME trilogy is very much about humanity exploring the universe and finding our place within it all. That’s cool but I’d like to see how one of the alien races views things. Maybe have a game set during the Rachni Wars and the Krogan Rebellion that happens soon after and let us see how alien politics worked before humans got on the scene.
    The First Contact War could also make a decent setting for a shooting game. A linear story where we switch between playing a human and playing a Turian.

    Also an ME mmo. Hopefully if TOR does well enough we’ll see one come out in about 10 years.

    • The right Mass Effect MMO would be great, but looking at SWTOR they’d just go with staple MMORPG features instead of converting the existing Mass Effect action driven engine into a MMO. That’s not to say SWTOR with a Mass Effect skin would be the worst thing in the world, but the game has so much potential for action it’d be a shame to waste it on a World of Warcraft-like engine.

    • You mean the RTS spinoff of an FPS franchise that wasn’t even made by the same studio that created Halo in the first place? Which in all fairness WOULD have been a good game if it was possible to do RTS well on consoles?

    • Halo Wars was a really underrated game, I found. For a console RTS, it was implemented superbly. Had many a game with mates, and had a lot of fun.

      • ^This. They did a really good job with the controls and everything. I’d point to it as an example that you can definitely do RTS games on consoles. Maybe not when the game requires 1000 actions per second, but still very possible.
        I think their only real mistakes were over-estimating the appeal of an RTS to Halo fans, the appeal of Halo to RTS fans and not realising that RTS fans are completely close minded to the idea of a console RTS.

  • This trilogy focuses on Shephard.

    There’s no reason why they can’t make more games with new characters in the ME universe.

  • Personally I would love to see a sort-of Mass Effect Origins game based on Wrex, cause its fucking Wrex.


  • Two games I would like to see set in the ME universe:

    1) A mercenaries type game where you are in command of your own faction competing against the existing merc groups (Eclipse, Blue Suns, etc). Recruit scum, take on missions, expand galactic empire, profit???

    2) A hitman-ish game where you play as a Thane Krios wannabe, trekking around the galaxy taking contracts along the way. Strangle asari drug dealers, poison Turians crime lords, strangle Hanar pimps, etc.

  • In other news, highly successful IP will not suddenly disappear just because the promise of a trilogy was fulfilled.

  • more IP’s, let this one die with ME3. The whole thing with keeping our ME3 save file, it’ll probably just be an unlock in some future game or something. developers play it too safe these days.

  • What I think would be an intriguing idea is games of varying genre’s (RTS, RPG, whatever) set after the events of the Shepard trilogy. Games that utilise your save data from the original trilogy to have ramifications within the new stories.

    Playing a new game set 100 years after mass effect 3, in which the story could be completely different based on whether “Shepard” saved the council or not in ME1 would be awesome imo.
    While it would sort of be the same as me2-3 in that regard, 100 years makes a big difference and could really make each players gameplay experiences completely unique in the new games, while not forcing players to have played 1-3 to get a full experience (Interactive history intro would be cool for new players, allowing players to choose what “happened” in ME1-3 while also catching them up on Lore and filling the gap between 1-3 and the new game/s) while letting old fans feel a direct connection to the state of the galaxy their new characters now inhabit.

  • I’m going to admit, if they release Mass Effect games annually like Call of Duty, I will buy every single one!

    Some of the ideas thrown about like mercenaries, assassins ect. would be great, I’d like to see more of the universe, maybe stories with much smaller scope, say, no reapers for example, some guy just out for some coin, someone exploring the unchartered territories, a Detective on the citadel. I think when Shepard is done, he/she should be DONE, no cameos, not too many tie-ins.

    Considering how well SWTOR is going, a shooter connected to a persistent network similar (but better) to Global Agenda (or Planetside!) would be awesome in the Mass Effect universe.

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