Music To Creep Through The Jungle To

Last week, I had some fun sharing a bunch of jokey dubstep videos inspired by the new trailer for Far Cry 3.

In doing so, I remembered how much I loved the music from Far Cry 2, and so I'm sharing some of it here. This music, composed by Marc Canham, stands apart from the usual action video game cliches, combining traditional African instruments, strings, drums, and vocals to create an iconic, distinctive sound.

The string and drum music that kicks in every time you're creeping around an outpost is one of my favourite bits of game music of all time, but the main theme (heard above), encapsulates everything I love about Canham's score.


    But you couldn't crawl! On a game that size where there is so much opportunity to sneak, not being able to crawl and the unavoidable hawk-like vision of the enemies, killed it for me.

    I am going to miss far cry 2 so much. A hard core beautiful game. Far cry 3 will be good, but its in a different direction.

    absolutely loved far cry 2 - so immersive! music was awesome too, bought the OST of iTunes a few months ago, great stuff.

    The music was great, but I found the experience so much more enjoyable with it turned off. It felt more pure and immersive, and you didn't have the music warning you when you got near enemy encampments.

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