Nathan Drake Is Short, Has To Stand On A Box

Remember that Sony ad that everyone was making a fuss over a while back? The 'Long Live Play' ad that had everyone saluting 'Michael'? The one featuring real life representations of Solid Snake, Kratos, Nathan Drake et al? Well the production company who helped create it has released some behind the scenes photography of the shoot, and it's quite interesting. My favourite shot? The one where 'Nathan Drake' had to stand on a box so he can look taller than 'Lightning' from Final Fantasy XIII.

This is Kratos wearing a nappy.

This is a suitably feminine Cloud from FFVII.

Nathan Drake standing on a box because he's a short arse...

I have no idea what's going on here, please drop your captions below!

You can find the rest of the images here.

Thanks to iheartassassinmaids for sending it in!


    Tom Cruise confirmed for Drake in Uncharted movie?

      My chips are on Danny DeVito

        Peter Dinklage seems to be the man of the moment, winning a Golden Globe etc. His star is rising. Action-hero status awaits.

          HA! I'd love to see the box he stands on.

            Knowing Tyrion, one doesn't need to guess what sort of "box" he'd be interested in.

    You'd be surprised just how many leading actors have to stand on a box for many scenes. It's a very common practice in movie making.

      Yes, but we try not to let reality get in the way of a chuckle.

    ... I want that Assassin's outfit. I'd wear it when I go to the pub. :D

    Uncharted 4: Search for the Golden Stepladder

      Even if you found it you just know that one of the rungs would break when you stepped on it, leaving you dangling there precariously for a few moments.

    That was a pretty great ad. One of the best gaming ones I've ever seen. Even the most bitter, hate-filled Sony detractor had to admit that.

    Man, that Drake dude actually looks really good. Kratos could use a little more makeup - but otherwise pretty freaking badass.
    Cloud looks shite - Dont know why they try to replicate that unrealistic hair. Short back sides and spiked on top would look better than a wig.

    Wow, the guy opposite Ezio looks like the keyboardist Jen dated in The IT Crowd...

    i don't even remember seeing cloud in that ad.

    anyway, it was very awesome ad.

    Looking at the photos, there seems to be quite a few characters that you completely miss in the trailer - Paul Phoenix from Tekken, Agent 47, an American Footballer...
    I feel like I should know who this guy is.

    Oh yeah, I agree. I wasn't trying to be a wet blanket or try to ruin the joke. =D

    seems reminiscent of the statue you get in the Uncharted 3 collector's edition

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