Neglected Regions Carve Out Their Own Home In The Old Republic

When Star Wars: The Old Republic launched last December across Europe and America, players on the other side of the world were told they would have to wait until some time in the indeterminate future before they would be allowed to join Bioware's first MMORPG.

But gamers — not to mention Star Wars fans — are a determined lot. Whether they found a way around Origin's online region locking or simply purchased boxed copies from Amazon in the US, thousands of Asian/Oceanic gamers imported TOR in order to start playing at the same time as everyone else.

The only problem was determining where to play. Asian/Oceanic players had to contend with a time difference of 16-18 hours if they wanted to play during prime hours on the US servers (and a 10-hour difference on European servers). Finding any sizeable group of Asian/Oceanic time zone players amongst TOR's 150+ servers seemed more than a little impossible.

There was only one option: To have all Asian/Oceanic players join the same server.

But how? The longtime World of Warcraft guild, Remnants, came up with a plan. Thanks to prelaunch guild creation, guilds were able not only to find players but also to designate the ally/enemy guilds they wanted to play with/against. So what would happen if all the Asian/Oceanic guilds were to make an endless chain of alliances and rivalries — all designed to pull the entire Asian/Oceanic community onto the same server?

Promoted on the forums, Twitter and Facebook, the "Oceanic PvP Daisy Chain" grew quickly in the days leading up to The Old Republic's release. And for the most part, it worked. The vast majority of Asian/Oceanic guilds — over a thousand players — were assigned to the PvP West Coast server, The Swiftsure.

What resulted was The Swiftsure becoming the most populated server in the game's first months. In trying to find a home, Asian/Oceanic players helped to create a true 24-hour server. No matter the time, The Swiftsure was well populated, with both flashpoints and operations constantly being run.

But now, with the The Old Republic's impending March 1 Oceanic release, it seems The Swiftsure's unique status is at an end. Players in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong are being offered free transfers to the new local servers, prompting a mass exodus of the player base from The Swiftsure.

And what about players like me — offered neither free transfers nor living in countries likely to ever see an official TOR release? Well, we have three choices: 1) Continue on our newly depopulated server with far fewer players in our time zone, 2) wait for paid transfers to become available or 3) reroll characters on the new Oceanic servers. It's a lose-lose situation if there ever was one.

Photos from "Oceanic PVP Daisy Chain Community" [Facebook]


    Note that the Oceanic release hasn't actually happened yet (not until Thursday) and server transfers won't be available until some time after that (presumably when/after Patch 1.2 drops some time in March)

    That's a pretty cool project, I only recently got into TOR but wound up on The Swiftsure anyway (Insurgence, Republic). Had no idea Remnants was behind this, raided with those guys between Ulduar/ICC.

    There was a PvE daisy chain too, you know. We all ended up on Harbinger but I agree, Swiftsure and Harbinger are going to be ghost towns once all the Asia pacific players leave.

    Should just make harb and swift the aussie servers. Just load them up on the new systems down here

    Yeah the one thing Im wondering is when we swap to aussie servers will it be like a ghost town :/

    A lot of us didn't make the Harbinger... a heap of us actually got onto Jerkk'Jerkk Tarr...for PVE that is... so i can see more than the three servers getting filled if everyone transfers! :)

    The daisy chain wasn't quiet perfect...

    This is Vapourfox, one of the Officers of Remnants. I have been with the guild since its creation.

    I'd like to point out that we, in fact, did not come up with the idea or the plan. Tronc, the Guild Leader of Insurgence was the main instigator behind the scenes to make the PvP Daisy Chain happen.

    Remnants' participation in the Daisy Chain was only one of many, as can be seen by the picture. We were able to assist as an information hub for the PvP Daisy Chain as well, with our website being the central repository for all things related to what we were a part of.

    We never have (and never will) claim to be the creators or brains trust behind this Daisy Chain process, and only wish to pass on the credit to he who deserves it the most.

    There was, I believe, another Daisy Chain that was created for the PvE based guilds as well. I'm not sure who looked after that one, but this shows that there was collaboration between the different styles of play as well.

    Fox out.

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