New Details On Battlefield 3's Upcoming Patch

So who's still playing Battlefield 3? [Waits for hypothetical massive response.] Wow, that many? Well, DICE has just released the patch notes the upcoming balance changes its making to the game on all three platforms.

The amount of changes is almost too massive to list — if you want all the information, head here to pore through it all. The most controversial change appears to be the adjustments made to Aggressive Recon.

I'm not going to sit here and try and make judgements on all the minor changes. Having played certain shooters to death, I'm well aware that most of these adjustments will go well over the head of casual Battlefield 3 players like myself.

I am keen to hear feedback from the folks who still spend a fair amount of time playing Battlefield 3 — how is the game so far? Are these changes for the better? Let us know in the comments below.


    I found the BF3 community dropped off quite a lot over the summer break. On PC anyway.

      No it didn't at all. A lot of people had problems with punkbuster after the last battlelog update but it has been sweet since.
      It is still going stronger than ever, especially on the GA ladder tournament.

    The patch notes look decent for the most part, but it's hard to properly comment without actually trying it out for a couple days.

    I predict lots of whinging.

    I haven't read the patch notes btw. This is just always accurate.

      Ok now that I've read the notes I'm going to have a whinge.

      "Snipers are underrepresented in this game". Are they really serious?? This doesn't sound good to me at all.

        They're on every roof top in hardcore mode on PS3. But a good rocket gives you +3 kills sometimes :D

        There must be some mistake here. Snipers are always OVERrepresented in any game the exist in. In fact, any number of snipers is too many. There isn't a single multiplayer FPS that wouldn't benefit by removing all sniper rifles.

          Recon is under represented in the game, especially in CQB game modes, giving the Recon player a place in CQB is important to us as developers.

          This gives me nerdrage so hard. It is such an obviously inaccurate statement!

          And, to HH, they're nerfing rockets at the same time. This is a good thing, really, but it does remove one of the anti-sniper options.

          Slightly reduced the effective blast radius of the RPG, SMAW, and 40mm grenade projectiles against infantry.
          Reduced the total number of RPG and SMAW missiles carried from 5 to 4.

            Mmmm. That kinda makes me sad... while i do believe rocket is OP on the ground. It actually took some skill to pin point the edge of the skyscraper to get the 3+ kills.

            This is because after shooting the first rocket (and usually missing), all the snipers would know where you are.

        They re totally underrepresented. I mean, I can get a whole 3 steps after spawning before being sniped in the head. I shouldn't be able to take 1.

        I think what they're tweaking is a good idea though. Whether or not snipers are under-represented or not, it's a good idea to encourage them to move from their perches and run around a bit, contributing more to capturing etc. I know I always prefer to be able to snipe and run around a bit, rather than having to stay a fair distance from everything.

    BF3 is one o them games where you can do anything and do extremely decent in a game implying your a skilled player.

    In MW3 its all Type 95s and FMG9 Akimbos everywhere.

    Its nice DICE actually care about balance instead of DLC.

    Best multiplayer game currently available.
    I play it everyday.

    I don't suppose "bigger maps" are on that list?

    What DICE need to do is add a couple more maps in. Preferably one that involves artic operations.

      Seriously? You want a white snow covered map in the arctic?
      Sounds dull as....

    It's a great game when it works, but most of the Australian PS3 servers have been down for weeks now, and it doesn't look like they're coming back. The ones that are still there all show 1 bar ping, and even some of them are impossible to join. As a result the community appears to be rapidly dwindling, and you have to question if they'll come back if/when the servers are ever fixed.

    While this patch is fine, it doesn't really help much if you can't find a game (or at least a playable game). I don't know what their DLC plans are, but I'm certainly not planning in paying for any if the game stays in its current state.

      That is the very reason why I have stopped playing.

      I sometimes think DICE are a big pack of gibbons banging away on keyboards.

      I usually get a decent PING from the West US but it's still never the full bar.
      I wondered if it was just me who was having problems with AU servers, obviously not.

        No, there's a thread about it on the battlelog site, and another one over at getsatisfaction. So far nobody's getting any satisfaction :P

      I'm pretty sure the 1 ping bar is just a visual glitch, the Australian servers are much better then the other servers on 4 or 3 bars.

        Yeah, they play better than 1 bar would suggest. But still get moments of horrendous lag. But overall they're more-or-less playable. But that doesn't explain why all the EA servers have disappeared, leaving only DICE servers. Nor does it explain why you get an error message when you try to join most of those DICE servers. The number that you can actually join is much smaller than the number shown in the browser.

    just played cod:mw3 and all i can say is

    Dear michael atkinson

    The changes to Claymores & C4 is almost enough for me to quit playing. There's nothing quite as frustrating/satisfying as being killed planting C4 on an LAV, respawning, then detonating it & getting a triple kill.

    *Braaains* get yourself a PC then bud theres sh!t loads of servers on there man

      But PCs suck big fat hairy dogs balls because you have to boot into Windows for Workgroups and have 69Gb of RAM to run the same game.

        Way to go brains, the man with no knowledge whatsoever!

      I shouldn't have to. I've paid my money for the PS3 version - it's up to them to make it work. And it DID work fine up until about a month ago - I was having a great time with it.

    I'm just getting back into it on PC (stopped playing it after Skyrim and swtor came out) and I'm loving it. It's the sort of game I can play repeatedly even without the addictive allure of unlocks and levelling up.

    Most of the time I play as a sniper and I haven't noticed any lack of us. There seem to be plenty. I usually just swap to a pistol at any distance other than long range, so I'm pleased about the update, but it'd be nice if we got a more powerful piece of equipment instead. I mean the soflam is ok, and the MAV is useful, but the assault class has a mortar AND claymores.

    After reviewing the notes I'm looking foward to the changes. Should shake up the load outs seen in comp play and the changes to the bipod and flash supp. Have made them worth while again (or for once) 

    As far as I know, horns on jeeps will be making a comeback and will be server side, meaning everyone will be able hear you BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPP.

      Now we only need in-game vehicle stereos to blast some music as we drive into battle ala Battlefield Vietnam. Flying in on a chopper playing Ride of the Valkyries was probably one of my favourite things about that game.

        OMG! I still talk fondly of a LAN game of BF Vietnam where I was running through the jungle (pun) and the next second one of the enemies comes around the bend on a scooter with rise of the valkyries playing. I nearly wet myself laughing :)

      Probably why they increased SMAW and RPG damage BEEEE-BOOOM

    I'm keen for the patch. Even though a lot of things are getting slight nerfs, overall it seems this will be an awesome balance patch.

    Pretty much every one of my weapons has Foregrip and Suppressor attached right now. I reckon that will be changing greatly after this!

    I used to run around as recon regularly. Though I did suck with SRs so I usually run around with a shotgun or a PDW. On some of the smaller maps TUGs and spawn beacons are great help for the squad. On bigger maps I'm usually the engineer taking pot shots at cranes and buildings under construction.
    Not sure what this patch is going to either of those play styles.

    Important quote from that post: "There is no guarantee that any of these Balance changes will make it into a future update at all, nor is this list a guarantee that there will be future updates."

    Punkbuster rage incoming... last SMALL patch broke the PC version for 2 days for 95% of the community.

    Also going to see a twitter flood to end all twitter floods. Time to move on game has died sadly :<

    They need to stop that bug where Recon classes can ride the MAV to the top of some massive building. That blows.

      MAVs are getting nerfed -
      No MAV lifting
      A MAV can still kill someone but will explode as well, thus destroying it.
      A MAV will explode and destroy itself when it hits another vehicle. Apparently Recons were flying them into choppers, resulting in choppers crashing out of the sky.

      I have waited for them to nerf the MAV, but after playing Recon with an L96 on the weekend I am a teeny bit sad about it.. I MAV lifted myself to a few positions and it is really quite fun. Too little time to have fun with it now.

    Too little, too late.

    15 of us stopped playing on PC around when the last patch dropped, the issues, the cheaters, the method of connection it's all crap.

    I really really wanted to love and play this game non stop, but it's just fallen flat.

    Loved Battlefield 2, Loved Bad Company 2 (sniping in BC2 was awesome), it's just yeah, DICE I AM DISAPOINT and oh look a new Medal of Honor GG EA for ruining 2 Franchises.

    The biggest issue with the game is not minor balance tweaks.

    It comes down the the maps are generally badly designed. There has been a drop off as people are sick of them. Just look on the forums, people begging for more BF2 maps and BC2 maps to be added. They want makes they've already played to death and still love. Over new maps they are bored with.

    The netcode is where the most work needs to be done. It seems to be getting worse. Although I think it's more as there's less players you're finding more and more non local people in the oceania regions servers who exploit the netcode with their higher pings.

    The client side netcode means the bullet hit are calculated on the local machines and not the server. It's more open to hacks and gives those with higher pings it gives them an advantage.

    For instance, I am camping a corridor at a door. The high ping enemy comes into the doorway. His computer is transmitted I am there. with a delay for me getting shown where he is. So he walks around, see's me and shoots. All the hit detection is on his end. So with the delay with the high ping, his computer has seen me, open fired on me by the time i get the information he has moved into sight. He has killed me on his end.

    It's physically impossible to react in these situations.

    This is also why you get the shot behind cover. The person who shot you, on their machine you weren't in cover when they fired and bullets hit you.

    It's a terrible system and the way it's going with higher ping players. It's almost game breaking when you get a few of them.

    More often than not the best playings in AUS PC matches are guys from Asia with pings 150-300. I was sniping against one the other day. He could pop his head up from cover and shoot me, with out me ever seeing him before i died.

      I agree about the maps being as boring as bat shit. I love every BC2 map and am keen as to play them again and again.

      Every BF3 map looks the same and plays the same. It's like they've taken the MW maps (which are a big steaming pile of dog poo) added more dog poo, a few bottlenecks that make it impossible to win while attacking and a few jets. I didn't know this but apparently jets = massive boner, a bit like akimbo in MW = massive ninja boner.

      Bring on BC3! Bring back the fun.

        What's wrong with bottlenecks? What would 300 be like with no bottleneck?
        Not all maps have them. Caspian Border/Kharg Island are big and open = no bottlenecks. OpMetro/GrandBazaar = bottlenecks. I LOVE bottlenecks. It is just chaos of CQB and you always know there is going to be one big muthaf*%ka firefight there, no need to drive all over the countryside trying to find where the action is.

        FWIW not one of BF3's maps come close to the brilliance of Arica Harbour on BC2 which is Epic in Rush mode and Intense in the CQB of Conquest.

        Also Tehran Highway is one of the Worst Maps in any multiplayer shooter ever, low visibility, cramped corridors and a paucity of alternate routes.

        Having said that I love TDM in Noshar Canals and Caspian Border

    Less gameplay tweaks more stability improvements already

    Overall a good bunch of changes.

    Definitely need new maps though, if it wasn't for the Back to Karkand maps I probably would have gotten bored a while ago.

    Bring back some of the China based maps from BF2 I reckon, they were great.

    The netcode is something else that needs addressing.

    The PC version is the inferior version.

    I've played both a lot and the Xbox version was more fun to play. The gameplay was a bit slower, which was good because a true Battlefield game isn't that fun as a quitch shooter... Although Bad Company was, but that didn't have the whole realism aspect, it was more an arcadey blow shit up experience.

    On console people actually communicate, throw out health, ammo, spot, go anti vehicle & anti air. On pc it's just a huge DM.

    I think they forget that agressive recons had acess to those recon balls. which made it easier to be mobile and help out the rest of your sq. Increasing close range sniper damage isnt going to mean that people go in closer with them, just that if you come across a sniper, he has a better chance to off you before you get him. Share guns between Sniper & Engineer, Assault & Support maybe? Makes it all the same I know but it'd be interesting. Or give Sniper access to C4 perhaps?

      Damn yes Sniper should get C4 back - or be able to call an airstrike or something (I don't know if they can actually do that in BF3 like in BC2 - I've only unlocked up to the MAV)

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