New Game For 1991's Favourite Console

For the folks out there who can still lay hands on a working Super Nintendo system, good news: there's a new game slated to come your way next year.

Development, publishing and production company Super Fighter Team are calling Nightmare Busters a "masterful run and gun game for the Super Nintendo, Super Famicom and all compatible video game systems". The last new SNES game released in the United States was a Frogger remake in 1998, almost 14 years ago.

The studio takes its retro and classic gaming very seriously, describing their mission as:

Super Fighter Team was formed around the dream that new life can be breathed into video games, game systems and computers that have otherwise been abandoned by game companies. Because of this, we proudly offer up what may one day be the world's only source of worthwhile new games for systems such as the Sega Genesis and Atari Lynx.

Very few details about Nightmare Busters are as yet available, except that the pre-order price is $US60 plus shipping, the game is expected to ship in 2013, and pre-orders for now are limited to 600 copies.

My SNES, alas, met its final demise eight or nine years back in a basement flood.

Nightmare Busters [, via tipster Ben]

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    Drop the price in half and it would be pretty awesome

    I cannot get over how ugly the American SNES was. Why would they do that to it?

      I know! The PAL SNES is so dang beautiful...

      Also I think I accidentally reported you in an attempt to reply to you. So, er, sorry about that. Awkward!

    Yeah our SNES's looked much better, and the controller's buttons were more colourful too!

    I still have my SNES, it's stashed away in a wardrobe at my parent's place.

      My fugly purple-and-gray is in a wooden crate in my garage.

    Um, pretty sure nightmare busters is allready the name of a unreleased sidecrolling prototype for the Snes. Nice going with the title douches

      Wow, that was a bit harsh!

      Sounds like a cool idea though! But where are they getting the carts from? I'm guessing they would just be using old carts...

        If you follow the link you'll see this:

        "The product will be manufactured from completely new materials. This means no existing game boards, cartridge shells or boxes will be "recycled" from other products. Rather, everything will be produced by our factory. "

      That game you are thinking of was never released. It was a prototype.

      It was eventually renamed to Flynn's Adventures and released on mobile phones. Take note though that the game was renamed, leaving the name "Nightmare Busters" completely free to use.

        Also, by the sounds of things, they've actually acquired the rights to the IP of the prototype game:

        "Of course, as with all of our products, Nightmare Busters is fully licensed from the original developers / IP holders, meaning our product is endorsed by its creators and thus, 100% genuine. "

    I would like to see more N64 titles...

      +1 to Ry34
      Exactly what I was thinking while reading this.

    Ok so I really have to get a power supply for my SNES now...

    Anyone can pick up a Retro Duo relatively easy. I bought one recently just so I don't have to have both my NES and SNES sitting around. Anyway, on the game, sounds like a great idea, would be cool if this is successful and more devs jump on board. I just find it a lot of money to be asking for with little to no information on the game or even a teaser screenshot.

    "For the folks out there who can still lay hands on a working Super Nintendo system"
    I've got TWO SNES, with a 3rd on the way! It's hardly a difficult task to acquire a working SNES. What can be challenging is finding one that doesn't have any yellowed plastic.

      Come now dude, you of all people know how easy these things are to dismantle. If its yellowed too much, just paint it! Make it unique. One of a kind. Or three...

    Limited to 600 copies until someone makes a ROM, lol.
    @ $60, that's guaranteed.

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