New Locale Revealed For Game Of Thrones RPG

New Locale Revealed For Game Of Thrones RPG

Check out this trailer for French studio Cyanide’s Game of Thrones RPG. The video reveals the town of Riverspring, a once thriving hub of commerce now suffering recession and the death of its lord.

Not much is known of Riverspring — it does not appear in George R.R. Martin’s books, and the game’s official website still bars entry into a web page that would detail the town’s backstory. Barred until enough people “Like” the game’s website. Devious trickery, me thinks, fit for a Lannister.


  • Then we better get clicking. And it sounds like it could be in the westerlands. There’s Casterly Rock and Lannisport, Riverpsike would fit right in with that general area. Maybe north of Golden Tooth.

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