New Resident Evil Manga Shoots Out Zombie Brains

Resident Evil, née Biohazard in its native Japan, was already turned into a feature film. It's getting turned into a Japanese comic, too.

This isn't a Resident Evil first, as RE has already seen manga iterations. This latest one is set in a prestigious Asian institution, located on an isolated island. When there's a zombie outbreak, Chris Redfield is sent into investigate.

Naoki Serizawa is working on the new RE manga, which goes on sale Feb. 23 in Weekly Shonen Champion.

漫画「バイオハザード~マルハワデザイア~」本日2月23日発売の「週刊少年チャンピオン」 [Gamer]


    only one question, is it cannon?
    because if it is, i'll read it
    if it isn't, eh

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