New Tease For Black Mesa, The Greatest Half-Life Remake That Never Was

Black Mesa is an independent remake of the original Half-Life that's been in development since the end of the First World War. It hasn't been seen for years. Most people now assume the remake, like Half-Life 3 itself, is an apparition. A mirage.

But...maybe not. After such a long blackout, the webmaster of the project's current site has posted a note on its forums, saying:

It was said that once the soundtrack is released, one could expect the launch of black mesa two weeks after. I can now say that a new website will be launched with the soundtrack in preparation for the mod. Fuck if we care about the current website. Just take a good look at it because it will be gone soon enough.

Could be good news, could be more teasing. The only sure thing being it's a bummer the old website is going away, which has me using the words "HOT SHIT" in the only piece of promotional quotage I've personally endorsed.

Hubicorn [Black Mesa]


    I'll Translate the Luke speak for everyone.

    "Black Mesa Source team has posted a message on their website, confirming that they are indeed still working on the mod and hope to have it out sometime soon"

      Luke's assertion that BMS hasn't been seen for years is also wrong. They semi-frequently post little updates and screenshots to their Wiki.

    Lolol most over-hyped mod ever. I knew a few of the guys who used to work on it and said that at the BEST of times it was disorganized.

      I dunno every mod thing i have ever worked on i would rate about the same.

      Fact is that unless your all doing it full time. It is always going to be disorganized.

      Especially if Bob is waiting for something Tim said he would do a week ago. But something in the real world stopped him from doing it

    So according to the post, Black Mesa will soon be released two weeks after the new site is launched.
    Kinda ignored this one after hearing about it initially, might take a closer look.

    If this does come out, i am taking it as just another sign of the coming apocalypse.

    I so don't care anymore.

    You took too long fellas.

      you sound enltitled.

        Not sure how you came to that conclusion..

        doubleDizz makes a fair point. These guys have been promising this mod as just about ready for release since forever.. Its kind of like the boy who cried wolf.. Most people are at the stage of not giving a toss any longer..

        That's not a sense of entitlement, that's simply being over it..

          They've promised nothing. What the fuck? They never promise that the mod is "just about ready", they've maintained a "WHEN IT'S DONE" attitude for the longest time.

            Here is one example of a talked about release window that was missed...

            Here is the devs saying at the end of 2009 that they are very close.. That's over two years ago in case you need someone to work that out for you.

            And this is only searching Kotaku for reference.. sure doesn't sound like 'when its done' to me.. perhaps you should be more careful when unleashing 'what the f**ks' and actually have an idea of what you are talking about.

    I'll still play it, but I'll well over the hype. It won't be that great, and I expect it'll be pretty buggy and still a bit unfinished.

      I'm well over the hype**

      I do hope it's good and not buggy, but I don't have my hopes up.

    How is this still a thing?

    Back when I first heard about it, sure, an updated HL1 sounded great.

    All these years later, though? Not as exciting.

    I’ll Translate the Luke speak for everyone.

    “Black Mesa Source team has posted a message on their website, confirming that they just a bunch of attention whores and need to quit this shit now”


    My stance on this is simple; the release of this mod at any time and in any way would be a nice bonus. I've done absolutely nothing to earn this mod, I haven't put a cent towards it and it's being made by a bunch of people without profit in mind. It is absolutely beyond me how someone could complain about something coming late if they didn't have to lift a finger to bring it to fruition or obtain it.

    Once a year I remember to check their website to see if they're any closer to a release... Oh well, maybe next year...

    maybe they're getting support from valve and they're all timing the release for the last episode...

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