Nintendo's New 3DS Western Is Cool And Worth Playing, Except For One Thing

If you're left-handed, I have a minor bit of bad news about the terrific, original game that Nintendo started selling on the 3DS eShop today.

The game was made for people who are comfortable holding pens in their right hand. Righties, I think you'll have a great time with this game.

Dillon's Rolling Western is primarily for right-handed people — right handed people who would enjoy something very different from Nintendo. This is no sequel. And it's no simple game. It's a tower-defence-action-game hybrid with role-playing game elements. It's a Western starring a new armadillo hero who would fit right in with Nintendo's other mascots. It's polished, full of missions and content. It looks great, too.

For $US10, it's a good deal and a breath of fresh air from Nintendo and co-developer Vanpool.

Except, if you're a lefty like me, you may not enjoy having to hold a stylus in your right hand while using the system's circle pad with your left. I tried just using my right thumb instead of a stylus. The screen wasn't responsive enough to my thumb. I tried attaching a Circle Pad Pro. The game isn't coded for it. I did get used to the stylus in my right hand — begrudgingly.

This is a good enough game that even I, a lefty, will keep playing it. But, for once, I wish I was a righty.

Watch the video above for a lot more info about the game and a demonstration on how I played it as a lefty.

(I've searched and searched for a righty mode in the game. Can't find one. I've asked Nintendo for their advice for lefties who want to enjoy this game; none given yet.)


    Fair point, but honestly, how are they supposed to fix it? Since the slide pad is on the left, there's no way to 'switch it up' right? I feel sorry for you guys

      They could make use of the buttons on the right side. I am sure they could program them to act like a D-pad. It wouldn't be perfect but it would make it easier than trying to use your other hand.

    That they needed the circle pad pro is ridiculous.
    I still won't buy myself a 3DS until it's built in.

    Once it is they should really add a 'lefty flip' option into the system software to reverse the joysticks and buttons.

    I'm a righty, but understand it's hard to be a lefty at times.

    You'd think that it would be possible to special order reversed hardware, but I suppose small game devs would probably not spend. Lot of time thinking about coding for it.

    I'm left handed and a trick I used when playing the metroid game an the ds was to use one of those thumb nubs. Couldn't use the stylus to aim but a thumb nub worked perfect.

    And I was looking forward to this :( I knew when I bought the thing I'd end up having some kind of issue with the controls.

    Out of curiosity what's it like being a left handed gamer? Don't most games make it impossible to play left handed anyway? Do some play as right handed gamers anyway while others try to stick to left handed controls? Does a left handed gamer had any disadvantage using default controls if that's all they've ever used?

      Although I should add that for stylus and touchscreen games I guess they're infinitely harder than playing button games left handed?

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