No, This Is The Right Way To Do A Japanese Game's Box Art

Just like it did with Europe, Nintendo is giving Xenoblade fans the chance to pick the game's alternate cover before it's released in North America.

Only difference being, North America's covers are a lot better.

They're the full wrap-around deal, with nothing to spoil the art but the game's logo on the spine. There's not even a Wii logo on the front.

Most of them are all-new images, not used in Europe's voting. On the one hand, I like the fact there's no jargon or logos, just beautiful art. On the other, it's going to look strange on a shelf without the same Wii spine every other game has.

And on the other hand...what do I care, I live in Australia and won't even get this version!

You can vote below. If you're wondering what the actual cover looks like, the one you'll see on a store shelf, see here.

Xenoblade Chronicles - Box Art Images for Fan Voting [Facebook]


    I really like the top one or the 3rd down. Would be nice if more games did this and had the relevant details on the reverse side of the insert.

    They won't actually use this for the released product though will they? Surely Nintendo require the white 'Wii' band at the top and the ESRB rating and stuff. Is this going to be on the inside as one of those reversible ones?

      They're probably going to have a normal cover with the normal stuff on the outside and then have this on the inside so that you can just flip the cover.

      Shadow/Ico HD release had the same idea: blank gorgeous artwork inside, shit tons of necessary logos outside. I flipped the cover right on the counter of the shop xD

        I bet the staff at the shop were super impressed by how elite you are :rolleyes:

        Ahhh I never knew about this!! Just went and flipped it around haha.

    yeah i agree with it probably being a flip cover.
    because unfortunately legally there has to be all those logos, and that copyright legal bullshit.

    I must admit that those images do look nice, and as someone said, the clear skin version will most likely be a reverse cover to the more traditional cover which has all the branding jargon.

    wait a second. . . Luke lives in Australia?

      Yes, Luke is the Australian correspondent for U.S. Kotaku. He actually has nothing to do with Kotaku AU whatsoever.

      As an aside, I actually met the guy once. Bit of a stuck-up tool, sadly.

    Did someone say... Xenoblade? : D

    All are nice covers and kudos for Nintendo for doing this. The Australian release didn't have one which was a bummer but the PAL one had a nice pic.
    I haven't seen the last pic before but I've got the others as posters :)

    Nuuuuu.... Me wants da pretty covers

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