North Korean Clams Cooked With GASOLINE

North Korean Clams Cooked With GASOLINE

While North Korean hamburgers look (and sound) awful, North Korean gasoline-baked clams also sound pretty friggin’ awful. They’re not, according to Japanese site RocketNews24. A Japanese traveller who recently visited the country and tried the dish said they’re actually pretty good — and don’t even taste like gasoline.

While Kotaku East does not recommend playing with gasoline or eating food covered in the flammable liquid, RocketNews provided a run-down on how to make the dish.

The clams were drenched in two 500ml plastic bottles of gas and then light ablaze. They burned for about five minutes and, according to the Japanese traveller, were some of the best clams he’d ever eaten. They were, however, slightly underdone.

Since raw clams can cause food poisoning, North Koreans tend to get liquored up on soju.

That’s right, get liquored up and then bust out the gasoline and matches — which is sorta how Kim Jong-il ran the country.

北朝鮮でハマグリのガソリン焼きを食べてみた / 朝鮮人「たまに当たる人がいるけど焼酎飲めば大丈夫」 [RocketNews]


  • What exactly are Kotaku’s standards for these articles? I get that 90% of it isn’t real *content* and just a link and excerpt from someone else’s work, but THIS ISN’T EVEN ABOUT GAMING


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