Nothing Says "First Wedding Dance" Like The Skyrim Theme


    Really slow news day......

      So let me just say


        Slow comment day?

          Damn straight but atleast i try *runs off crying*

    I'm not a Skyrim fan, but my wife and I are both metal heads, so the only Skyrim theme I'd dance to is by 331Erock:

    First wedding dance music for our wedding was the Bayonetta end credits version of Fly Me to the Moon. The wedding ceremony finished with FFVII version of Victory Fanfare. Music going in to reception was Eye of the Tiger.

    If you aren't both AMAZING dancers (like, professional) please, please don't do a choreographed wedding dance. We film and edit wedding videos where I work, and I've yet to see a single choreographed wedding dance that didn't look stiff and awkward (read: awful).

      to be honest i dont think they give two shits what you think about their dancing. The night is about them and not about what you like to see when editing.

        It makes no difference to me if they do it. It just looks crappy, and I think they often don't realise. Dancing = great. Poorly executed dance choreography = not great.

      Sick job you got there mate

    The first song my wife and I danced to after we were married was Bohemian Rhapsody :)

    For the wife and I it was Fly Me To The Moon (Sanatra version) followed by A Kiss To Build A Dream On by Loui Armstrong.

    I enjoyed that. I'm not caring that thier dance was not evry good, just happy to see nerdy things like this :)

    I expected Fus Roh Dah. I was disappoint.

    aww, that was really cute!

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