Oblivion, Fallout Get Combined Release In March -- But Not On PS3

For those whose first foray into Tamriel came this year with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the series' maker is now offering the preceding entry, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion combined with another outstanding role-playing game, Fallout 3. The combo is $US29.99 on Xbox 360, $US19.99 on PC.

What about PS3? Bethesda Game Studios' Pete Hines told Joystiq that they aren't allowed to release the combo for that console yet. "We will continue to work to try to change that," he said. "But at present it is still not approved. We would like to release a PS3 version a well."

Fallout 3 and Oblivion unite in double pack on April 3 [Joystiq]


    Cheaper to buy them separately through auction sites or ozgameshop.

    I bet it was because of bloody Microsoft :\

    Do either of these include the DLC? If not, you'd be paying more for all the expansions than the actual games!


    "What about PS3? Bethesda Game Studios’ Pete Hines told Joystiq that they aren’t allowed to release the combo for that console yet"

    Sony mustn't like developers making buggy, unplayable games.

    Possibly because all their games are inferior buggy messes on PS3 because Bethesda can't code for shit?

      "Possibly because all their games are inferior buggy messes on the PS3 because of sony's horrible unique architecture and inefficient post-launch support options?"


        "Possibly because all their games are inferior buggy messes on PS3 because Bethesda can’t code for shit and sony’s horrible unique architecture and inefficient post-launch support options?"


        Please name three other developers that have the same problem as Bethesda? If you could then perhaps this would be a valid stance.

          I always think "If the shitty low budget games can get their game to work, why can't Bethesda?"

          I found the most delightful irony was the most bug ridden place of Fallout 3 when I played it was the Bethesda offices.

    After the mess that was Skyrim on PS3, it would be a cheek to offer it to PS3 users.

    Not too shabby, I remember BioShock/Oblivion were bundled together a few years back too. I bought a copy to replace one my brother lost. The problem with these bundles is you usually have all the good games in your collection already. :P

    I had no problems with Oblivion on PS3 at all, played through to finishing absolutely everything and no crashes or bugs.

    Didn't finish Fallout 3 but same deal; no problems.

    I think you're all gigantic trolls. I have sunk a huge amount of hours into Skyrim PS3 and haven't had it freeze, crash or anything even once

      You're one of the lucky ones

      You're fortunate. The issues with Skyrim on the PS3 are well known. No one is trolling.

      Wow, a survey sample of one. I'll call Nielsen, you can probably replace them entirely.

    I played Oblivion way after release on the 360, on the PC it was buggy and crashed often. As per fallout, the original 360 version before they patched it, crashed every 1-2 hours randomly, had to just keep saving constantly, was kind of annoying and really put me off exploring the world. I've only had skyrim freeze once so far and it had auto saved me not far back, so I was okay with this, i also encountered a backwards flying teleporting dragon once.

    If anyone is thinking of getting this pack, I know Oblivion doesn't really crash often now and from what I've heard, fallout 3 was fixed a few months after release by which time I had finished and gotten rid of mine. If you don't get the shivering isles expansion for oblivion you're really missing out on the best of what oblivion had to offer.

    lol, when did Microsoft start calling their range "Platinum Hits"?

    also, if these don't contain the DLC, then that is just woeful and I honestly can't understand why this release exists for that reason and for the fact that everyone is likely to have them already.

      2009 Called with an update for you...


        lol, these are US versions, I though AU was still rocking the Classics tag...

        meh, either way, like the PS3 I refuse to purchase any of the budget boxarts, original or nothing.

    What about GOTY editions?

      It's Bethesda, they are the gaming equivalent of major pop stars so is it really surprising that two games that didn't deserve GOTY status by any stretch are getting another re-release?

        I think he's asking if the bundle includes the GOTY editions of the games.

    Wow, this is like.......30000000 days too late for anyone to care.

    So...AUD$120 then.


    Will probably pick both of these up for the xbox - Did want to play Oblivion however did not have proper controller support on PC.

    Not interested in mods so this should be fun.

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