One Man's Quest To Beat Every SEGA Master System Game Ever Made

Ninjabearhug is a unique collector of video games. He owns every PAL SEGA Master System game in existence — all 269 of them — but instead of leaving them to rot in shrinkwrap, he's decided to play them. All of them.

Ninjabearhug is also looking to record each playthrough — the first? The Ninja a little known Master System port of the arcade side-scroller SEGA Ninja. Part of me can't help enjoying his broad Northern English accent as he enthusiastically talks his way through the game.

I can't imagine the horror Ninjabearhug is going to have to go through with some of the more obscure (read: terrible) Master System games, but I commend him for this insane endeavour and wish him the best of luck.

Also — will someone let me know when he gets to Moonwalker?

SMS Quest - Taking On Every Single PAL Sega Master System Game One By One [Retro Collect]


    I don't think Pit Pot on expert is finishable, neither is some versions of AstroWarrior.

    Ah The Ninja. That takes me back to my childhood. I think that is still technically on my pile of shame. :S

    Hey, hey, you used my tip!

    Personally, i think he will fail, that aside, the fact still stands...

    ...the virginity is strong in this one...

      nah this guy seems charismatic enough to pull

    I played the crap out of it, but i never finished it. My pile of shame extends back 20 years at least.

    Want to see what happens when he gets to the following:

    Bubble Bobble
    Black Belt
    Wonderboy in Monster Land

    those 3 games alone are the cause of all my grey hairs at only 28....

      Wonderboy in Monster Land was the first game I ever finished! It was freaking awesome.

      Side note: I used to get stuck on the same level in that game as my parents, when I played it using my feet on the control pad. Fair to say they sucked! :)

        Fnished Bubble Bobble, but never WBiML. I reached the end boss 3 times:
        - twice on cartridge as a kid and he killed me both times
        - once on an emulator as an adult when, after fighting the boss for maybe 10 minutes, I accidentally overwrote the save state with the dying animation. That's when I realised that I was destined never to finish that game :(

          I remember finishing Wonder Boy in Monster Land, the annoying thing was you had to finish it twice. Once with the bell so you could map out the dungeon, then the second time with the sword so you could kill the dragon.

          Wonder Boy III: Dragons Trap was much harder.

          I dread to see him try and finish Back to the Future III, that was an impossible game.

      I want to see what happens when he gets to Lord of the Sword! Man that game gets so boring and repetitive.... and there's no save or password system FFS!
      Finished WBiML- awesome game. Fanatasy Zone series will be interesting.
      I remember finishing Alex Kidd in Miracle World... without dying! Can't play it for shit these days though.
      And he'll need to set aside a bit of time for Phantasy Star too. Nice game that one.
      I also look forward to seeing Psycho Fox, Golvellius, Rastan and Spellcaster!

      Good luck mate!

    I think I can claim to have played every SNES RPG released in english (and thanks to Tomato/DeJap, some that weren't)

    You do realize this means now i haveto break out my master system when i get home. Wish i had more games for it. Will take donations :P

    I loved The Ninja. Such a brutally difficult game.

    I commend this young man's endeavour. A true pioneer!

    I'd like to see someone finish Traps'n'Treasures on the Amiga... I raged so much back in the day with that one

    And I can't even beat Alex Kidd.

      Man, you're such a n00b ;)

      I tried to finish it once at a totally rocking party, to show some people how it ended and to prove how awesome I was. I stuffed up the items in the final castle and was unable to finish it.

      The onlookers walked away unconvinced of my awesomeness.

      True story.

        Let me guess, it ends with scarred for life and murderous rampage tendencies?

    Reading the story and comments, and replying to them reminded me just how much I loved the Master System. It was my first console, and I loved it to pieces till the no-Tails-in-Sonic-2 debacle.

    I wish I had the time and patience to do what this guy is doing. Some of those games are rock hard, and I consider finishing many of them as likfe-long gaming achievements. Kudos to you sir!

      Man that missing Tails in Sonic 2 thing was such a disappointment. He was on the cover, he was in the little level opening images, he clearly had a sprite designed and animated based on the ending credits - but wasn't playable in the game!

      I almost feel like Sega meant to put him in but ran into difficulties at the last minute so just removed him and made him 'kidnapped'

        Or removed him because they knew that people would upgrade to a Mega Drive to be able to play as him. Worked for me.



    What's gonna happen with the games that actually don't finish? (Transbot, I'm looking at you?)

    *sniff* hes a saint

    wonderboy 3: the dragons trap was the greatest sms game

    Oh man, I LOVED my Master System.
    I remember the booklet of E-SWAT had the levels listed in them, with brief descriptions of them, and the last level said something like "No-one's ever made it this far, so no-one knows what the last level contains!" Being about 7 or 8 years old, I took that seriously. Then, when I finished the game, I wrote to hyper and toid them I'd done what no-one had ever done before, and they told me to take a picture of the final screen and send it in to them. I did, and god bless'em, they published it.
    It's still in a closet back home and I can only assume once the cartridge slot has been blown clear of dust it'll work. It's just a shame none of the controllers have D-pads any more.

    What about the built I'm snail game?

    populous is on the master system, that had like 5000 levels. also I too never finished moonwalker. I could almost finish the zombie level but I just always ran out of lives.

    I brought my master system in 1992 for $99 (I was 11 and saved every cent i could get for a nintendo but they were $130 and I just could not wait to save up that much) Then my dad brought me new game called Sonic the hedgehog and I thought I would never need another game ever.

    Now my kids (aged 4 and 10) play my old master systems when they go to my parents house. witch surprise me because they , as in me have all the gaming goodness you can imagine at home.

    I clocked the Arcade version of Moonwalker late last year on a friends MAME/Tabletop machine thing - it took me roughly 40 minutes (there's about 5 levels or so but they're stupidly hard) and beating it was a proud moment then I realised I would never get those minutes back!

    Ahhh Olympic Gold. I perfected the button mashing technique to smash all those World Records.

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