One Of The Idiots From Jersey Shore Is Bringing His Fake Tan To Video Games

Mike Sorrentino, aka The Situation from MTV's Jersey Shore, doesn't just fancy himself as a man who struts about a reality show doing...stuff. He also fancies himself as, of all things, a video game developer. Or at least a consultant.

While it'd be great if he and his family/company (which is mentioned an awful lot in the release) were teaming up with Ubisoft for a series of Xbox 360 blockbuster flexing and fake tanning simulators, but sadly - if not predictably - his talents and face are going to be employed on "apps and social games".

Note the below is a real thing, written by either Sorrentino or his management. I did not make this up.

Not only am I very proud to introduce Jersey culture into the social gaming and mobile application industry, but also very excited that my family is a part of it too. I love the games and applications that my family and I have been working on with Apps Genius, and I know Jersey Shore viewers and my other fans will love them too.

Apps Genius signs Jersey Shore deal []

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    After the 'dodge the hand grenade' game - no thanks
    Hell, even BEFORE the 'dodge the hand grenade' game - no thanks

    Luke Ive said harsh things before but my genuine condolences on having to report on this crap... you poor poor bastard.

    "my other fans will love them too"

    What other fans? His mum?

      I'm not sure if even his mother would want that crap...

        I dunno, his family are a part of this whole thing anyway. You'd think if your kid turned out like that you'd disown him but then's New Jersey....

    If they released a game featuring the ability to kick him in the nuts repeatedly and nothing else, I'd buy it.

    He's sick, bro.

    Dudes! This brilliant - it'll be an adventure game. Check it!

    Level 1 - rescue Snooki from the dumpster she has passed out in, bonus points awarded for liberal applications of fake tan

    Level 2 - solarium, the objective is to educate the masses on the art of wooing ladies. Bonus points for shameless self promotion

    Boss fight 1 - tie shoelaces by oneself.

    So on, so forth.

      You have a future in mobile phone game development!

    Who watches this drivel? Someone must, otherwise they'd be cancelled.

      My ex used to from last year. She used to beg me to watch it all the time, I refused every time. Vehemently. I'll give you a rundown on her profile:

      Blonde. (FAKE blonde. Badly done.)
      Bimbo. Has the IQ of a guppy.
      Alcoholic. Can't have one drink, at the age of 30+ has to get smashed every time.
      Nightclubber. Can't go to pubs, must go to nightclubs to recapture youth!

      Do we possibly get the idea of what kinda person watches Jersey Shore now???

        Fits the profile of all the dumb bitches I've encountered who watch that filth, too. Some girls make me ashamed to be female, while Jersey Shore makes me ashamed to be human.

        PS: And if a partner asking you to watch Jersey Shore isn't grounds for instant break-up, I don't know what is.

    If there are intelligent lifeforms on other planets, Jersey Shore is the reason why they haven't contacted us and probably never will.

      imagine if the Goa'uld invade earth, they probably pass on us since we are devolving

      outstanding :)

      The Day The Earth Stood Still 2?

    I really hope that the world does end this year

    Burn every single one of them.

    I'm already angry that their crap has made it onto the XBL Avatar market place, do not...DO NOT make them start a video game business.

    Jersey Shore is the very taint on Earth's society.

    It is very refreshing to know that somewhere, outside the US, people are repulsed by the actions and "lives" of these people.

    lol stupid xbox games

    I think deep down situation has a good heart

    Is this James Vega's actor?

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