Open Your Mind To Syndicate's Chip-tastic Ways

In the bleak corporate future of Syndicate, an intracranial DART 6 chip brings you before the "gateway into ultimate consciousness". This infomercial oozes Snow Crash-esque fiction, and know that in-game, you can toggle this augmented reality on and off.

It coats your environment in a weird topographical aesthetic, highlights friends and foes through walls and gives you extra firepower. If you haven't given the game a spin yet, give the multiplayer co-op demo a shot, out now on PSN and Xbox Live.


    Seriously looking forward to this game.

    I would love to play a game where enemies had similar abilities. That has the potential for true intensity.

    It always annoys me in some games when you shoot an enemy's head and it would disappear, instantly replaced by a geyser of blood..

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