Origin Unleashes The First 3D Gaming Laptop With Dual Graphics Cards In SLI

Origin Unleashes The First 3D Gaming Laptop With Dual Graphics Cards In SLI

3D technology loves dual video cards, but gaming laptop manufacturers tend to shy away from dropping a pair of NVIDIA mobile cards in their machines. Something about keeping down cost. As I’ve demonstrated in the past, Origin PC isn’t a company that shies away from making a really expensive product, especially when it gets them a ‘first’ achievement.

So yesterday they announced the EON17-X3D (they also do not shy away from confusing naming conventions), the world’s first 3D gaming to double up in such a fashion. It’s got dual overclocked NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580M graphics cards in SLI, which should mean smoother 3D performance than anything else in its class.

“Origin PC continues to lead the industry by being the first to offer a 3D laptop with dual overclocked graphics cards in SLI.” said Origin PC CEO and co-founder Kevin Wasielewski via official announcement. “The Origin EON17-X3D is the ultimate mobile 3D experience. Whether you are at home or on the road, you will forget where you are and become immersed in the world of 3D.”

Remember when 3D just meant graphics and not wearing funny goggles? Ah, those were the days.

Here’s a rundown of the system features. Pay particularly close attention to that last bullet point.

  • Built-in 3D Emitter and 1080p 3D Display
  • NVIDIA 3D Vision 2 Wireless Glasses with LightBoost Technology
  • Customizable Backlit Keyboard with Three Lighting Zones and Seven Colors
  • Intel X79 Chipset with 2nd Generation Intel Hexcore Processors
  • Up to 32GB 1333MHz Corsair Quad Channel Memory
  • Up to 16GB 1866MHz Corsair Vengeance Quad Channel Memory
  • Up to Dual NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580M Graphics Cards with ORIGIN Professional Overclocking
  • Up to Three Hard Drives with up to 3TB’s of Hard Drive Space
  • Industry Leading Free 24/7 Lifetime Support Based in the United States
  • Fully customisable starting at $3,032

It’s an exciting machine, and the price shows it. Starting at $US3032, the configuration I cooked up at the Origin website clocked in at $US8220, and I skimped just a little. And painted it pink.

Will they sell many of these? Probably not, and since they build their machines to order, that’s no big loss. The point is they have it available, and they were pioneers. So there?


  • Given the fact that the starting weight is 6KG’s, and the thing takes dual 300w power supplies, why not just build a desktop. I guess it will only really be interesting for those people that are constantly on the move yet love games too much to want to lug around the seperate components.

  • EON17-X3D: For the gamer who needs to max out skyrim on the bus ride home from work, because thats about as long as the battery will last…

      • Well I only ever get the bus out to uni qhich takes all of 15 minutes but yeah, probably too optimistic even then

        • Considering gaming laptops (same as all high powered laptops) are desktop replacements the battery life is a non-issue 😛

          • Some people don’t have room for a nice big gaming setup or want something taking up that much space even if they have it. The mess of cables can become very annoying. Other people like myself go to LAN’s often and don’t want to drag all our gear with us. A full-tower and a dual monitor setup (single stand) is a pain in the arse to lug around.

          • On the contrary, I find my tower + monitor + bag o’ cables is very easy to transport. Better that than paying a fuckton for an inferior, uncustomisable setup which grants you a minor convenience.

            I don’t understand the fascination with gaming laptops.

          • Easy compared to what? Packing and unpacking your entire house? Sure then it’s easy.

            Also you’d be surprised as to what you can change on a laptop. RAM and HDD are easy as piss on all laptops and some come with videocards than you can swap out rather quickly. Either way, you can customise your laptop, just sometimes it takes a bit of know-how.

          • That’s the reason I originally bought a laptop, small space requirements, can set it up anywhere and super easy to transport all you gotta do is pack power cable and a mouse. a LOT easier then unplugging anywhere from 6-10 cords and transporting a large tower and monitor, plus then there are the amount of people that don’t have a car/license

  • I’m already “immersed in the world of 3D” . Tends to happen when I open my eyes of a morning and doesn’t cost me my left and/or right gonad

  • Are Origin the American equivalent of Clevo? The Clevo Horize series laptops are amazing. I got mine 6 months ago & can’t say how happy I am with it!

  • Uhhh… this isn’t a first. A mate of mine bought a big ass laptop something like 5 and a half years ago with SLI 7800m’s



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