PC Version Of Alan Wake Gets Release Date

A release date for the PC version of the psychological action-thriller Alan Wake has been announced. It will be available on February 16, and will cost $US29.99.


    Wow... only 2 years after the console release...

    Anyone who was ever interested in this game has already played it, meaning no-one will buy this version. Meaning Microsoft will then point at the sales data and say "this is why we don't do PC ports"

      I'm going to disagree with you. People will buy it. A few weeks ago Microsoft released Age of Empires III on Steam (a 6 year old game?) and it was the number 1 game in the sales chart for its first weekend, beating new release games such as Skyrim and COD:MW3. It then stayed in the top 10 for another week.

      While this may not seem significant, Steams sale charts are not based on copies sold but $ earned. Skyrim and COD are $59USD games while AoE3 was selling for $20USD. Seeing as Steam is the PC versions main platform I think it will sell rather well.

      It also just takes a Steam sale to come along and for it to have a 50% discount for a new group of people to buy it.

      I'll be buying as I don't own a console and wish to play it. although I'll more than likely wait for a Steam sale before buying.

        I will definitely be buying it. Wanted this game, but ended up selling my xbox before it got released.

      I'll be buying this again, as I love the console version, but the PC version is going to rein supreme (check out the multi-monitor support on the Alan Wake website).

    2 years 2 late. really wanted this on PC but after it didnt come out i settled for Xbox.

    I will buy this because I hate turning on my XBox just to play the one decent exclusive game it ever received. Now I can actually play the DLC, too.

    Not a bad price and a.damn good game too, I understand that some of the good will between Remedy and PC gamers has been destroyed, but you will be depriving yourselves of a quality experience if you ignore it out of protest. It might be two years old,nut you wouldn't know by playing it.

    I thought the game was bland, pridictable and full of holes.

    I loved this game, actually bought an Xbox to play it when they were on special at christmas. I thought I read the PC version was going to be $15 though... It seems a bit steep to charge 30 for a 2 year old game. Kinda feels like a punch in the face to PC gamers

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    I wonder what the AUS version will be priced like.....knowing our luck probably double.

    But so been looking forward to this. Almost bought an XBOX for this alone.

    I played it on Xbox, and will be buying the PC version, most definitely. I'm a big Remedy fan and their games always shine brightest on PC. :)

    Though I wanna know if the DLC will be included...

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