Penny Arcade's Game Ratings PSAs Make Learning Fun

You come to Kotaku every day, right? So it stands to reason that you know all about the E through M ratings that grace the boxes of video games in America. But if you're not a regular reader of this fine site — say, one who buy video games for a younger lifeform — you may not even know that the content ratings exist.

That's why the ESRB's teamed up with Penny Arcade for the latest in a series of PSAs to spread awareness around the ratings and smartphone app. You can see the campaign above with cartoony versions of real parents done in PA artist Mike Krahulik's signature style. One thing's for sure: everyone looks like they're having lots of age-appropriate fun. Find out more about the campaign and the ESRB here.


    i think that's a really good idea.

    I have to ask, WHAT is Juri holding between her legs?

      I think that's just empty space, all the characters have weird spacing between their legs.

    Out of curiosity, does ANYBODY play games while standing up like Joshua? Real, proper, controller-controlled games (such as he appears to playing), I mean, not Kinect/Move/Wii motion-controlled games.

      I sometimes see people do that when they get really excited or tense.

      are you telling me that you've never played Dance Dance mania while playing the PSP/DS/[insert handheld here]?

      huh, i thought everyone did that

      I've been known to.
      I've got a bad back, and my job has me sitting for large periods of time...

    there should be one catered for our ratings

    Infact, we did have something similar ages ago. I suppose only people who once owned a VHS player would be familiar with this

      This. I do recall the local EB and several other games stores had those PSA posters about the classification ratings. Let's hope they bring 'em back or make some new ones.

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