Play AirMech, A Transforming Strategy Game, Right In Your Browser

Fancy a bit of quality real-time strategy gaming with robots from the developers of Fat Princess? You should know then that Carbon Games' AirMech is available now on the Chrome Web Store, completely free of charge.

Installation is straightforward — just visit the game's page on the store, hit the "Add to Chrome" button and wait for the 55.6MB download to complete. Once it's done, it'll install itself. To play, just open a new tab and select it from the available apps list.

You'll need to sign into Google to play, but it's a small price to pay to play this great little RTS. Everything is done in your browser, too. It has a bit of a Transformers-meets-Total Annihilation vibe, if that's your thing and features competitive matches for up to six players, and co-op for four.

AirMech [Chrome Web Store, via IndieGames]


    Apart from the constant disconnecting it seems really fun.

    Just remember CTRL+W closes the app window.. use the space bar.

    sadly I can't connect to the server, it does sound awesome though. noted though it's in alpha so I'll check back later I guess =S

    Looks a lot like Herzog Zwei, that game was well ahead of its time on the Megadrive. Great fun in split screen 2 player as well.

      Make that it is exactly like Herzog Zwei just with a new name and better graphics.

    Its epic play now, bloodyhell Fray,Airmach,Grimdawn,Alanwake,Stasis,Firefall,FTL,Diablo 3 and so on. Going to have no free time this year lols and i just got my beta key for Tribes Ascend today :) busy busy busy

    Looks cool, any chance of it coming to the Android App Store????

    You can get a FREE steam key sent to you by the devs.
    You must first try out the PC or the Chrome version and get to level 7.
    When you get to level 7, search the forums for “Get your Steam beta key here!” and post a request. Then the devs will give you a key for the steam version.
    Please redeem my referral code before you get to level 5: 6RKE-5ES7-EQ7H-Y2RQ
    It’s a way of saying thanks!

    what a let down. Exact copy of a great sega classic, rehashing the same concept with no creativity, just better graphics. worst of all is that its another free to play nonsense. no local splitscreen.
    can games get any worst nowadays that everything has to be free to play model to earn money?

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