PlayStation 4 To Feature AMD Graphics?

For the PlayStation 3, when it came to the console's graphics, Sony partnered with Nvidia. According to a report on Forbes, though, for the PlayStation 4, Sony is partnering with Nvidia's arch-rival AMD instead.

Citing "former AMD employees", the Forbes report says "the processor designer may play a key role in the new product". And... that's it.

Not the most extensive of rumours, then, but one that's significant enough for the mention of AMD, which already runs gaming hardware like Microsoft's Xbox 360.

Sony Has New Console In The Works, AMD Building Graphics [Forbes]


    Huh, so all three nextgen consoles are gonna run with amd? i guess nvidia is focusing more on the mobile sector now, and maybe looking to secure PC dominance.

    "Oh god, it's so hot.....AMD....was a bad choice" - The PS4 during summer.

      *golf clap* Well done, good sir.

    “the processor designer may play a key role in the new product" Nice to see we get a whole (By Luke's standards) article on the most vague of rumors. From Forbes. Honestly, this shit isn't worth anything to anyone.

      Admittedly it's more than the usual 2 line nonsense we get.

        True, true. I guess I'm just being weird, coming to a gaming news site expecting news about...well...gaming. This isn't news.

          On behalf of all Kotaku Australia readers I would like to present this award to Luke for most improve. Over the past few months his progress has been SLOW but steady. I'm sure one day he will blossom into a fine journalist...

    I never thought i'd say this, but im sick of hearing about the next gen of consoles. I wanna see it already!! Stop dicking around & show us!

      I just realised people no longer call current gen 'next gen' any more. thank christ...

        I've still seen the current gen referred to as next gen, so I'm waiting for people to start asking about the next next gen consoles.

          seriously day 1 of console release theyre no longer next gen... theyre current gen! argh!

            So is PS2 Previous gen or is it current gen because you can still buy it?.....i am so confused!!!!

    I want to know if Sony are going to make a "normal" console and not some "bitch to develop for" console like the PS2 and PS3.

      Given the PS Vita is apparently very developer friendly, I assume they would aim for that with their next console.

    Hope the drivers are better than they are for my ATi card, every second major title has problems with it. Never buying ATi again...

      Amen to that, especially one on a laptop--> BSOD

        You guys dont know how to install drivers then.

        *owner of Mobility AMD 5670 and AMD 5770*

        And the overheating issue with AMD cpus is getting sooo old.

        Had cards from both camps (Radeon 6950 and gt555m are my most recent, but have had HD4890 & GTX 8800 also) and havent had any major issues with either of them. If people are having problems with their cards find a fix or return/replace them. Why would anyone keep a faulty product??

      My solution is to grey import games from OzGameShop or PlayAsia. By the time they arrive, the hotfix for the game is usually out.

      Pay half the price, don't have to struggle with drivers. Win-win.

    This isnt even a new rumor, but an old one? A few months afters the Wii-U was announced a few sites came out with "sources" saying that all 3 manufacturers were going to have ATi graphics chips in them..

    Not really surprised by this, more surprised by how long it took this rumor to get here.

    I know it's all about codIng Apis etc and I imagine the graphics card isn't the be all end all... But if they all share the same manufacturer, I imagine this would make porting at least that little but easier for optimization right?

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