PlayStation Vita, Unboxed Before Our Very Eyes!

While the PlayStation Vita launched in Japan in the tail days of 2011, gamers in North America and Europe are still eagerly awaiting their turn to get the new handheld on February 22. Over at the official PlayStation Blog, Sony has posted a teaser today to whet everyone's appetites, sharing the unboxing of the First Edition Bundle.

In this video, Sony's Abby Reyes confirms that the First Edition Bundle will be available to those who pre-ordered it on February 15th, and takes the chance to show off the case, the accessories and, of course, the Vita itself, all neatly nested in their sleek and slender cardboard home.


    The tedious traditon of "unboxing video's" is only mildly improved by the addition of a pretty girl.What a brick that caryy case is, no pockets in world big enough.

    oh shes so pretty.... i mean um vita n stuff :3

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