PlayStation Vita Winners Continue To Rage Over Fishy Taco Bell Contest

We continue to hear from people who have taken issue with the strange Taco Bell contest that claims to be giving a PlayStation Vita to customers every 15 minutes.

More than 15 contestants have told Kotaku that after seeing on the Taco Bell website that they had won Vitas, they were later informed that their winning entries were invalid. Many contestants sent us screenshots of the Taco Bell splash screen that says "Congratulations! You Won!" Several contestants sent over mobile versions of the screen.

(On Friday, this "Congratulations!" splash screen was publicly accessible to anybody who knew the URL. It has since been removed.)

Contestant Allen Brutus, who also sent over a picture of the code on his winning Taco Bell box, says he wrote questions on the Taco Bell Facebook page, but they were promptly deleted.

Allen Brutus holds what he says is a winning box for the Taco Bell PlayStation Vita contest.

"This was happening to everyone who were asking questions about their prize," Brutus said in an e-mail. He says he received a notification that he won on January 30, when he entered the code. On February 10, Taco Bell said he was not a valid winner. He says he has tried multiple times over the past few days to contact Taco Bell, but that they would not respond to his questions.

Other contestants had harsh words for Taco Bell and its contest.

"This isn't right. I didn't scam to win and they just shut me out with no explanation or anything," contestant Natasha Jones said in an e-mail. "I am sick over this."

"I am a 100% legit winner," contestant Gabe Swick said in an e-mail. "I used a legit code, I did not cheat or hack anything on the site. I'm. no. liar."

"I'm more than willing to file complaints to the [Better Business Bureau] over this fiasco, as should everyone else who has been denied so far," contestant Patrick Moran said in an e-mail. "I have yet to be informed why at the very least their systems have screwed up for everyone on January 30th."

Although many people have contacted Kotaku about this issue, we have not been able to verify the validity of every alleged winner. I reached out to Taco Bell for comment again this morning, but they have not yet responded. On Friday, a Taco Bell representative said that "nearly all" of the calls they had received so far had been from people who did not have winning entries and that they are "continuing to work with [their] customer service teams to insure that all real winners receive their PlayStation Vitas."


    Wish i got a Vita for eating a taco

    Also, that link is broken.

    Wish we had Taco Bell here. Not for the Vita and more for the supposed mexican food.

      urgh! Taco Bell was absolute crap here in Australia..... Mad Mex.... that's where it's at these days!

        Wait we had Taco Bell here at some point?

          In Sydney we did. Oports/Krispy Kreme on George St used to be Taco Bell.

          It wasn't absolutely terrible either.

          Yeah we did have Taco Bell one time. But just like Starbucks and Burger King (just the name, not the actual food joint which we al know is Hungry Jacks here) it rotted out and went back to the USA.

          Mad Mex is the effing best!!

            I remember seeing taco bell on geaorge st, but never ate their.

            A word of warning to those who eat at Mad Mex, their food sits in those trays (much like food court food or subway) ALL DAY. I went there a few times to have vege nachos which were alright, but i had the chicken and got food poisoning. Don't eat there.

            I much prefer Guzman Y Gomez, as they cook the food for you, it's not re-heated or just sitting in lukewarm trays all day.

            Also beach burrito company is shit. Bunch of hipsters who make bland undercooked crap. Don't go there either.

              Guzman Y Gomez is the most like actual Mexican food I've had yet in Australia, though there are a couple new places I'd try. The number one thing I miss most about California is real Mexican food.

              Eating Taco Bell is just like eating a burger at Maccas. It's not a real burger, but it's fast food and I'll still eat it when I'm in the mood for junk. I kind of miss Taco Bell. >.<

              This whole contest thing is one of the more scammy things I've read in a while though. :p

            Actually Hungry Jacks was separate. Burger King bought Hungry Jacks back out and rebranded all the stores. So they didn't leave.

          There is at least one in Lilydale, Victoria.

            I think you're thinking of Taco Bill's, of which we have quite a few. Taco Bell on the other hand pulled out of Australia in 2005 (according to Wikipedia)...

    I think their main mistake was eating at Taco Bell.

    Man, when I tried that shite...

    Yes I can see how this is relevant to Australians.

      It isn't.

      but its funny when Taco Bell dun goofd.

    Anyone remember the McDonalds Monopoly competition controversy? Wow I just looked it up and that was 1999. I have to cry now.

    insure.... ensure

    Kotaku US


    Would be funny if taco bell go sued

    It will be a nice day when we decide we are truly sick of America's culture.

    It will be a nice day when we decide we are truly sick of America's culture.

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