Please Do Not Get Excited Over This Sonic 4: Episode 2 Footage

So Sonic 4: Episode 1 was a bit of a disappointment. Which should have surprised nobody, but hey, you can't rely on Sonic fans (which, really most of us are, deep down) for rational expectations of upcoming products.

So it's with trepidation, and not excitement, that we take a look at this gameplay footage from the upcoming Sonic 4: Episode 2. I mean, it looks very pretty! But we're one episode in and already there's a "friend". Keep mirroring the original series like this Sega and we'll be kissing humans and swinging swords by the end of this console generation.


    The running looks weird (the feet).

    What are you fools going on about the feel of sonic and his movements look ten times better and these stages look new and not as rehashed as episode 1 so this is finally looking like the sonic game we want

    I like that new running animation. Ep 1's sucked but this one looks much nicer. =D Kinda excited for this, screw you guys Im looking forward to it. =P

    Too much tall skinny Sonic and too much targeting. I am disappoint.

    That trailer music sounds a heck of a lot like the title theme of Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing...

    Erm...i assume by "Friend" you mean Tails.

    Is tails a problem? I seem to remember Tails making Sonic better 20 years ago..

    Wow, Luke really is getting better at avoiding this whole 'journalistic bias' thing.

    Piss off that goddamn homing attack & you may be onto something....

      Hopefully they'll do something simillar to iirc Sonic Generations 3DS where you can toggle the homing attack on/off.

    When people say "friends" they don't mean Tails.

    Tails is fine, Knuckles is fine too, newer non-angsty Shadow is also fine in small doses.

    The rest can jump off a cliff.

      the problem with Shadow was Sonic Team failed to stick to their guns on the initial plan for him (Spoiler for 11 year old game) which was for him to die at the end of SA 2 and stay dead, instead they buckled under the popularity of the character and created a stupidly convoluted back story to justify him coming back to life. Then didn't know what to do with him since they had nothing planned for the character after the '...and then he dies' at the end of SA 2.

      I'm assuming by "newer non-angsty Shadow" you mean Blaze the Cat, from Sonic Rush. The "friend already in" is Metal.Sonic, who debuted in the same game as Amy Rose: Sonic CD.

    I liked Episode 1, except for the stupid final boss requiring 7 million hits. Looking forward to Episode 2.

      I still haven't beaten the last boss in that

    The running animation looks fine, just needs to be faster. Looks a tad bit slow

    Dear Sega,

    Steps to take to make Soinc 4 part 2 critically and commercially successful.
    Step 1: Copy the jumping, acceleration, running, spinning verbatim from Sonic 3 & Knuckles.
    Step 2: Add a fancy graphics layer on top.
    Step 3: Create levels at least as varied and long as any single main level from Sonic 3 & Knuckles.
    Step 4: ???
    Step 5: Profit!

    Sonic cycle (as depicted in this post) has been irrelevant for years now..
    EP 2 looks pretty awesome, I mean, it looks much nicer and isn't a blatant rehash of the old ones, which were my main issues with EP1 anyway. Also, rolling momentum has been fixed I think, which is fantastic.

      Not really. . . the Sonic Cycle only really began to become irrelivant after the release of Sonic Colours which was released late 2010, so a little over a year. Also just because Sega have managed to release 2 decent-good Sonic titles consecutively doesn't necesserily mean that the Cycle has become irrelevant, all Sega need to do if trip up just once and the cycle will be back in full force once again

        The cycle was essentially gone the game after sonic06. Especially if you're looking at the linked image.

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