Pokemon Black 2, Pokemon White 2 Arrive In June

As promised, Junichi Masuda, the director of Pokemon Black and White appeared on television in Japan today to announce the next entries in the Pokémon series. They are Pokémon Black 2 and Pokémon White 2.

The games are scheduled to release in June for Nintendo DS systems, in Japan. DSi and 3DS players will apparently be able to take advantage of extra features.

Siliconera also reported that Masuda's announcement revealed two new forms for Kyurem (pictured above), which will be the games' mascots. Their names will be revealed later.

Pokemon Black 2 And Pokemon White 2 Coming To Nintendo DS In June [Siliconera]


    I'd have been a lot more excited about these if they were 3DS games. Extra features or not, they'll still be DS games. /sadface


      Conversely I would've been less excited as I still only have a DS lite.



    I guess they really did not want to call the next game Pokémon Grey

    Odd that they named the sequel with a number rather than a different colour. I expected maybe white's sequel being called 'grey' and black's sequel being called 'gray'.

      ...There's a difference?

    When are they gonna stop with these DLC and midquel games and finally give us Pokemon 2?

      DLC? I don't see how Pokemon games are DLC.

        I had to download an entire game from a cartridge onto my DS for nothing but extra skin variations and palette swaps.

      Seeing as how this is called 'Black and White 2', this should have a coninued story, rather than the same one as the others.

        Agreed. Could be good.

    Damnit gamefreak where's my Ruby/Sapphire remake??!?!!?

      They're not going to remake it since it's still compatible with the current generation of games. Only if you have a DS/DSlite, though. I'm still bitter about the lack of GBA port in the DSi.

    wooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Shut up and take my money nintendo!

    then in a month we will have a fan translation and about 6months 6+ official translation gamefreak really need to get on top of their translations

    At first I thought: Ugh. But now I'm starting to get a bit excited. A sequel to Black/White (that has a new story continuing from the previous games) would actually be pretty cool. The story in B/W did end with a bit of a cliffhanger, so I can't wait to hear more about what we'll get. Was kind of hoping for a 3DS game though.

    Also, I agree with Deka above. Pokemon is one of the biggest franchises in gaming, so I don't see why the games take so long to translate. I mean, there's probably more going on than just a translation (licensing and whatnot), but still.

      I wonder if the delay is just to get the cartoon ready to coincide with the release.

    I was hoping the series would finally evolve. I know I'll end up buying it anyway, but I was hoping that the next installment would at least jump to the 3DS. But I'm guessing we're still going to have sprites and 8-bit cries.

      I hear what you're saying, but I think that's kind of nintendo's screw you joke. 'you pay $60 every year for sprites and terrible sounds. But we know you'll keep doing it as long as we keep releasing it'
      It could also be the point that these Pokemon are just sprites, for nostalgia, and they might not want to take the gamble on something new that could, potentially destroy the series. I think it would be awesome to have a non turn based Pokemon rpg where you play as a trainer, but I can see how many people would not and I imagine those who do not want the game outweigh those who do (im talking about little kids with limited gaming skills)

    Does Nintendo realize how easy it is to pirate games for DS? Do they realize that it's currently impossible to pirate games for 3DS?

    Why would you release this on an already cracked system, when you have a secure one you can release it on!

      Because; 1. It's a sequel to a DS game. 2. Nintendo like all businesses like money, you can play DS games on a DS and a 3DS, you can't do the reverse. 3. They're still trying to think of gimmicky 3D features for the next gen version.

      A very decent and logical call, it would be a LOT safer for these games to be released on the 3DS. Sadly though, that wouldn't necessarily be Nintendo's call, but the developer's (Gamefreak's) call.

      because piracy numbers are just dream numbers, and the real number is that Black and White sold MILLIONS on the DS, so why stop because there is some piracy?

    Craaap, now I've gotta actually finish the story of White before I can allow myself to buy another Pokemon game. Too many other games to split my time, some get forgotten...

      Spoiler: You catch them all and save the day.

        Damn, now the whol series is ruined, back to red and blue for me

    Well... Did not see that one coming. Well Played Nintendo.

    This gives me the motivation to play through my copy of White (finished Black). I like how the numbers are the the colour of Ruby and Sapphire.

      Ooh nice pickup about the colours of the numbers. I did not notice that.

        Or the colours of, you know, red and blue. :P

        I like this idea. I was initially hesitant, but it looks awesome!

        "two new forms for Kyurem"
        Technically, these weren't confirmed as new skins for Kyrurem. One of Masuda's tweets seemed to imply they were new Pokemon. They could also be forms of Reshiram and Zekrom.

        Colour me intrigued.

    A small observation that may possibly be on the money or way off the mark. The usual system for each Pokemon generation of games is 2 Pokemon games released side-by-side (categorised as base games), with certain Pokemon unique to each system, and 1 game to tie them together (e.g. Silver and Gold had Crystal, Pearl and Diamond had Platinum), which normally contains a wider variety of Pokemon available to catch and collect, and sometimes even a few extra Pokemon to collect.
    Poke-fans are compelled to buy all 3 so they can "catch them all", and in many cases they do if only to complete their collection of games. However, this time instead of 2 games released and one to combine them we have 2 games released, 2 seperate updates (seperate games to the original two, but update seems relevant as of this time based on the mention of an updated story-line and a small addition to the catchable little critters).

    This seems to have the faint scent of a money grab by trying to profit on the hard-core Pokemon community by creating two follow-up games compared to the norm of 1 connecting game, in expectation that said fans would willingly, if not happily, buy both of the new games to complete their collections. Of course this is completely speculation based on what has been revealed so far, so it would be best not to read too much into this observation.

    Why so many comments for 3DS pokemon? No one I know cares about pokemon any more they have nostalgia for the original 151. All they want is a recreation of the original cartoon series in game form. But I guess more ppl want Nintendo's dead horse.

    be worth it if you can 'continue' your quest with the same pokemon without trading them across cartridges

    Wow, the Pokemon games so far have been the most awesome content of DLC disguised as a brand new game ever :) Well played Ninty screwing people out of a fully priced game for DLC content year after year... just damn. And people were shitty at Bioware? lolz

    You're kidding, right...? They're kidding, right...? OH, PLEASE SOMEONE TELL ME THIS IS A JOKE!!!

    Seems like Nintendo is missing out on a real opportunity here, they could have released a Pokemon Grey and then put this Pokemon on 3DS with some 3D features. God knows 3DS needs the shot in the arm that Pokemon would have provided.

    Ignoring the haters. Can't wait. I love me some Pokemon and online battles.

    Personally if this was any other version of pokemon i'd be all over it, but i personally felt Black and White for me hit a sour note. It not only removed key mechanics in the series which would build you as a trainer, but the rehash and forgettable names just made it feel like there was nothing else to offer. I dunno, might be just me as i did play soul silver a couple of months prior to release, and the names were just...ugggh, but removing something as simple as poison damage outside of battle, makes it feel like the series has gone soft.

    Alright nintendo, add a hardcore/old school mode in addition to whatever nerfing you need for the kids of today, and i'll be happy .

      I actually found Pokemon Black to be the best one I've played to date.
      As for things like poison out of battle, it was little more than a minor nuisance (either you spent the 100 on an antidote, or you got annoyed and sauntered back to a pokemon center. Yay fun!).
      I found the pacing nice, the story new, and the presentation fine.

    Sigh... If Nintendo are going to continue pumping out the same game year after year, why can't they grace us with a game containing only the original 151? I don't like having to learn a whole new world of pokemon and what can do what... That or do what everyone has been screaming for, for the better part of a decade and make a true pokemon console/PC RPG.

      why would nintendo take the series backwards? Honestly, there aren't enough people who wan't a game ONLY containing the original 151 for it to be worth nintendo's time and money to develop, and the original games are way too buggy and unbalanced to just release as they are (not to mention the issues that would be caused by releasing a game totally incompatible with the current games).

    horse -> dead horse -> glue -> Pokemon.

    I am buying this, I enjoyed the hell out of Black!

    All this hate for game freak / Nintendo for not releasing on the 3DS. I think we're all skipping over something huge, Pokemon is a kids game (we might say it isn't, but let's face it, it is) and kids love it. They are the ones that will go nuts and drive their parents to buy the games, cards and DVDs of the show. Most parents aren't into gaming news and have probably heard that the 3DS causes problems with kid's vision and upon looking at the box, see the warning and misunderstand it. Can't anyone see how it might be a terrible idea to release a top selling kids game on a system that has general public idea that it causes problems with kids vision. By releasing on the ds with extra features for DSi and 3DS it does not exclude anyone which would be a loss of revenue for Nintendo. Who knows, maybe the extra features will be 3D features or augmented reality, 'battle anywhere'.
    I think as a community we need to more receptive to these things, myself included because I read this and thought 'damn you nintendo', I mean come on, this is an announcement of a name and, in context, a storyline. I haven't looked yet, but I imagine every page with this announcement is filled with haters crying that they want 3DS Pokemon and grey/gray. If these are the final names of the games, this is a huge deal, finally a numbered sequel that might actually be a direct continuation of a story, perhaps there will be an increase in the level cap that allows you to go to ALL regions (I played black for about 2 hours so you may be able to do this already, but I'm guessing no), this could be awesome. Or it could even be just production names (natal, kinect) and they could both be grey/gray when actually released

      You DO realise that the kids who grew up with Pokemon as a child - the ones who owned every single game up to Crystal - are now the haters crying for a 3DS release, right? It's been 10 or so years, the love for Pokemon is still there cause it's an eternal game.

      Personally, I think we should all stick with Emerald. Best game of the series.
      (lights match , tosses it into the conversation and leaves before the ensuing flame war)

        That's entirely the point, this is a kid's game and kids NOW do not care about the first 150 (151 but whatever) and they are the ones who nintendo is now targeting. We all need to get that WE are not nintendo's key demographic anymore, these new kids who want a NEW game are, so realistically, why would nintendo/game freak pander to us and not the kids of today

    If Nintendo want to win the next-gen console war, all they have to do is create an open world Pokemon game. Every gamer I know has been waiting for this and will happily revisit the pokemon franchise.

      What's not open world about every main Pokemon game from the beginning?

        I think he means Skyrim open world or something. No boundaries (to an extent).

        If you're trolling, well done, but I think it's more a case that you've understood the meaning of the term 'open world', which is highly understandable as it's been bandied about and progressively bastardised by every game community in the world. Open world doesn't technically mean 'the world is outside, open' (though often this is part of it), it has more to do with freedom to progress. The original pokemon games (i haven't played any since, and you mentioned the beginning) were designed such that there were obstacles that you were unable to bypass until you had triggered events in a certain order, and in some way these were connected to getting the badges. The most obvious example of this is the first cuttable tree in red/blue, where you needed to defeat the gym leader to gain the badge to cut the tree and progress. This is a definite marker for linearity (albeit disguised), but the fact that there was an order to get the badges, and the enemies got progressively harder, sometimes in level alone, definitely identify this game as linear (the opposite to open world).

          Bah, misunderstood the meaning*

          I swear that's what it said in the proofread :(

    If pokemon could just move away from the turn based combat system everything would be so much more exciting. Real time combat is all im saying. NINTENDO step it up with a more dynamic fighting system you can get the kid market and bring back the nostalgic players.

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