Pokémon Company Responds To Fake IPhone Pokémon Game

In the wake of a rather high-profile App Store scam involving a Pokémon game (or at least its title screen), the Pokémon Company has issued a statement saying it's on the hunt for the bad guys.

"We continue to combat the unauthorised release of games, applications and merchandise that trick our fans into purchasing something that does not meet our quality standards," they told Develop.

"Fans who encounter questionable products should report to us immediately so we can keep other fans from falling victim to these scams."

Which is well and good, but if Apple's going to have a closed store, it needs to do a better job of policing it. There's only so much the Pokémon Company (a Nintendo subsidiary) can do looking from the outside in.

Pokémon Company issues warning to scammers [Develop]


    “We continue to combat the unauthorised release of games, applications and merchandise that trick our fans into purchasing something that does not meet our quality standards,”

    The best way to combat that is to release pokemon games on other platforms.

      There are some excellent Nintendo DS ports available on the App Store, like Ace Attorney and Ghost Trick. But it is unlikely that they are going to put their Marquee brands like POkemon, Zelda and Mario etc. on the app store, considering that app games are less than $13, and people will buy apple products rather than nintendo. So it's a lot of money lost if they did put it on the app store

      Because that stopped Pokemon Jade and Diamond versions from coming out on the GB.

        If Pokemon Yellow was available on iOS how many people would buy scam pokemon yellow?

          The real question is if they release Pokemon games on iOS or Android, how would those games handle trading and vs battle? Gotta catch 'em all!

          A Very smart decision for Nintendo to make; Instead of releasing their own games on their own platforms for 60 dollars, they should just port their games to iOS for a dollar. True genius.


            Yeah because Pokemon Yellow is still manufactured and sold at $60. Honestly, if you're going to be an ass, how about you think for a second. Nintendo making no money at all ever again by never re-releasing old games no longer in production is stupid. Fact. Re-releasing on android for a small cost, selling thousands of copies makes everyone happy. Fact.

              making no money at all ever again *from older games*. Missed that last bit out.

                Releasing Red and Blue might make sense, but most people want Diamond and Pearl/Black and White type games.

                Also, Nintendo doesn't want to encourage the iPhone as a gaming product.

              If the iOS or Android device doesn't have a d-pad and proper handheld console buttons, its going to have a limited experience. How can people enjoy using on screen controls, there is no physical feed back and its either press or not touch at all. No feeling where the buttons are before you press them. People have gotta realize not full touch screen devices are limited to extra casual games otherwise it just feels wrong.

                We are talking about Pokemon RBY. The controls weren't exactly complicated by any stretch.

              Because Ninty would choose a mobile store over their own e-Shop, Jupiter. Fact.


                Why would Ninty have any say in a game that isn't theirs?

                  True enough though I'm pretty sure Game Freak still wouldn't make a mobile version, given that Every major Pokemon game they've ever made have been exclusive to Nintendo consoles. Far more likely the classic games being released on the e-Store than a mobile store (officially, at least). You have emulators and roms if you Desperately want it on your phone.


                  Done some more reading. Nintendo actually Do own Pokemon. And since no reasonable person could see Nintendo releasing their own game outside of their own platform for a rival your entire argument is now invalid. :)

          An absolute ton of people would buy/scam it. hell at $5 a pop Nintendo would make millions. No reason not to. Especially given they are old games on old systems that you cannot even buy new anymore.

            You people are stupid, why would Nintendo release Pokemon on a platform other than their own, that is like Microsoft releasing Halo on PS3 or releasing a psp game on the 3DS, just idiotic comments from all you people.

              Why wouldn't they? Please explain it for all of us simpletons, oh wise one.

                It is complicated.

                Nintendo wants control over the software released. So they use their own platform and vet all games for that platform. On the PS3 they cannot vet the other games not released by themselves. Why do they need all that control? Pricing and brand identity is why. They control the price the games are released on their platform. Otherwise the price would be controlled by market forces or another company. Their brand is a unique selling point of their games.

                Ok I just made that up but t sound right ;)

                  But we are talking about a game (or games if we want to include Red and Blue) that were released 13+ years ago. They've got two options with those games. Make money on them or not make money on them. Why not choose to make money on these games via the smartphone market whilst also promoting the message of "hey, the best handheld games are ours and if you want them on another platform be prepared to wait years for them or you can buy our products and have them all now".

              When you are talking about a system that is not really a competitor to any of Nintendo's then why not release it. And people like myself that do not own a Nintendo console would buy it. Hell look at Final Fantasy, always a Playstation exclusive since the ps1 days. Not anymore and it sells well on the 360. Its all about the money and comparing Halo on ps3 or psp to 3ds is stupid. Since when do iphones or ipads count as hand held consoles. They are what they are with the added feature of being able to play games.

              Oh and way to be a prat, trophy goes to you. Grats.

                protip, final fantasy is made by sqaure-enix, originaly squaresoft, who is entirely independent from sony. Also, the first SIX final fantasy games were on Nintendo consoles.

                3rd party developed games and the release strategies thereof are not comparable to games that are fully owned by same company that makes the platforms the game is released for.

                  signed up just to post that you are an idiotic asshole, Final Fantasy was a Nintendo exclusive for years and years you dickhole.

                  Pokemon is developed by GameFreak. They are not owned by Nintendo.

                ...we still see its effects today."
                From the article Crash and Burn
                Retro Volume 3

      If they do this they generate direct competition for their own gaming platforms (even with the old games)

    “We continue to combat the unauthorised release of games, APPLICATIONS and merchandise that trick our fans into purchasing something that does not meet our quality standards,”

    iPokedex was the best app on the app store, If that didn't meet your quality standards nothing will.

    "Nintendo should release Pokemon for iOS! It would make MILLIONS! Everybody is stupid except for me!". Give these people their own corner offices and Bluetooth headsets for brokering yet more power deals - they have finally saved Nintendo from their 15 odd years of being doomed single-handedly with such nuggets of wisdom.

    I wouldn't trust you mouth-breathers to sit the right way on a toilet seat let alone attempt to give a multi-billion dollar company marketing strategies. Stick to armchair advice and licking windows.

      Funnily enough it's only people like yourself and "Adam" (though I'm somewhat thinking you're the same person) are the only ones to insult others that don't share the same opinion as you.

        And that'd be the second time you'd be wrong this evening, chinstrap. But please, do feel free to continue spamming this discussion thread with your wild inaccuracies and boorish manner.

          Care to point out where I was wrong this evening?

            I fear I would develop Carpal Tunnel Syndrome attempting to belt out an understandable explanation suited to your special needs for the umpteenth time. In layman's terms; dat dere ol' Pokeymans ain't never gon git be on dem fancy Apples and Adam is his own man/woman/hyper-intelligent house cat, god bless their wee bum.

              First up, you can't say I'm wrong about Pokemon being released on iOS or Android because I never said it would be. Just that I think it would be a good idea to do so. Secondly, I only expressed that I contemplated you and Adam to be the same person, not that I'd decided completely that you were.

              So there's two counts of you being wrong.

                The only thing I've done wrong tonight is attempt to engage a rather prickly keyboard kid with some light-hearted banter and comical flair.

                And I won't admit I'm wrong on that count anyway.

                  Your light-hearted banter felt like a small child poking you with a stick for several hours and you have the comical flair of Howie Mandel or dare I say, Carrot Top. But all of that is nothing in comparison to how bad your reading comprehension is.

                  How silly of me, I just noticed you said "comical flair" and I repeated it. Didn't you mean "comedic flair"?

                @ Chazz, I'm going to come in here and just add my 2 cents. There are a few reasons why it would be a bad idea for Nintendo to release a pokemon game on the iOS. Keep in mind, I say Nintendo because Nintendo own's the right to Pokemon, Gamefreak just develop the games.

                Reason 1) People that buy Nintendo Systems to play Pokemon would no longer need to buy a Nintendo system
                Reason 1.5) People who had previously bought a Nintendo system to get a game EXCLUSIVELY for that system would feel cheated and would thus give Nintendo bad publicity.

                Reason 2) Apple would be getting a ridiculous share in the profits

                Reason 3) Nintendo are re-releasing retro games on the e-store almost every week, that would be a much better place to release one of the old nintendo games

    Did anyone else notice that the URL for this story misspells Pokemon?

      lol pokmon

        Back up before I set my Pikchu on ya!

    All I'm going to say is
    Who ever bought it I lol at coz use were too naive to think pokemon on a mobile that actually works lol if u read review before buying then u might of saved the trouble btw who ever had trouble beating the Pokemon games and thought it was difficult is a noob you can beat the whole game with one Pokemon in any series if we're good that is it can be done... Not difficult at all all the same to me

      All I'm going to say is;

      Please go back to school and pay more attention in English.

    Voteban Chazz

    I would certainly buy Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow on my iPhone. Seems like it'd be a good fit too.

    Sony and Microsoft both have apps on the app store already. No games that I can think of though. WAIT! Kinectimals is on the app store.

    Mabey Nintendo Will lose money if apple sells more of their games .. But can't they REMAKE Classic Super Mario Games or Pokemon Fire Red Or Yellow Etc. Old Games For iOS? Because I Highly Doubt People are still buying those games . Because they're pretty much available online As ROMs...

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