Police Academy Star Beeps And Boops His Way Through Video Game Sound-Effects History

Join Michael Winslow — the noise-making star from Police Academy — on a cursory run through The History of video game SFX. Indeed the video is far from exhaustive, going from the blips of Pong (1972) to those of Portal (2007) without much in between: just a few other arcade legends and shooters. All sounds like a bunch of noise to me, but it's still a lot of fun!

For more from the Man of 10,000 Sound Effects, check him out making sounds for Wizard Ops, the recently released iOS game.


    Wow, that was really bad.

    That wasn't so great because he clearly didn't know much about the games he was imitating.

    Yeah... that was a bit sh!t

    I.....kinda enjoyed that.

    yes it wasn't amazing but it was good for some chuckles.

    looks like im the minority here.

      I dunno, I enjoyed it. Not sure why he needs to have intimate knowledge of the games to be able to mimic sound effects but whatever. Still, his explanation of Halo was a tad odd. :P

    He's getting old....

    "Are you dead?"


    Love it. Still a laugh.

    Does the G4TV embedded player not work for anyone else?

    Either way, I hope that's the first and last time I see Michael Winslow actually fail at the sounds he's trying to make.

    "Halo was the first.... real... reality... thing... with reality.... uh.... where's my paycheck?"

    That was actually really bad lol. Pong was good, but it all went downhill from there.

    Virtual...reality? It wasn't even the first fps! Goldeneye was one of the first uber successful ones, a whole generation earlier! And then there was Doom before that!

      lol you totally missed quake 1 & 2!!! Both uber-successful, pre goldeneye fps', even birthing the first annual event focused on specific game/developer... QuakeCon.

        C'mon Quake was what - 6 months before Goldeneye - maybe a year at most!

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