Prepare For A Good... Sponking? Spanking? Oh Sega.

Going by the old adage "it's not racist if it's France", this Dreamcast commercial plays on one of Europe's oldest rivalries in an attempt to sell the Brits on the console's pioneering online play.

And if the French can't rouse them? Germans stuffing their faces with sausages should do the trick.

Total Recall is a look back at the history of video games through their characters, franchises, developers and trends.


    Mind Blown, I didn't even know Dreamcast even had online features.

    French is a race now? Sacrebleu!

    Mr. Plunkett, you old cad! Well done!! Stirring the pot! What good fun. One trivial matter, as it were, nothing to be of an undue concern. Is an adage not, by its very nature, "old"? Is this not the case?

    The very usage of adage implies a sense of greatly transpired time like all things of long ago!

    Am I right in saying your usage of "old adage" in this particular incident becomes tautological - as tautologies are want to be? Perhaps that sentence, in itself, demonstrate something of the tautology of which I describe. Grammatical components used as pure luxury and ostentatious redundancy. This paragraph a tautological illustration perhaps, but not a tautology in itself; more an abstract illustration of tautology, if you will.

    Does one defend tautology as nothing more than a moment of too much emphasis. Some people are but too sensitive, Mr. Plunkett, too sensitive indeed. Would you allow me to use the word tautology once more? I'm kidding, I'm only having fun. We're just having a good time here.

    There has been - in the past - a certain criticism of your commitment to the fourth estate. But is not the fourth estate without parameters and definition for visionaries of a more avante-garde persuasion.

    You're abstract, perhaps people simply don't understand you. Please consider.

    Your old friend,


      You sir - made my day!!! Pip. pip!!

        Well played, Martin. That's good sportsmanship! I appreciate the gesture. We're all just having a good time here.

    Fuckin' *yawn*.

    Plunkett strikes again.

      it must be tough not enjoying anything in life.

    That was a great ad xD

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