Preview Of Avengers Vs X-Men #1

For all the hoariness of the heroes-vs-heroes trope, the set-up of Marvel Comics' next big crossover event rotates around an interesting premise: The cosmic power known as the Phoenix Force is coming back to Earth, apparently targeting a young mutant girl called Hope. Once bonded with mutant telepath Jean Grey, the Phoenix Force has been wielded for both salvation and destruction.

As you'll see in the pages below, the Avengers want to shut down the Phoenix while the X-Men believe that it's the key to the continued existence of mutantkind. Since it's superhero comics, this difference of opinion won't be settled in a series of spirited debates. The plots practically begging for Netherrealm or Capcom to make a fighting game out of it. Avengers vs. X-Men #1 comes out this April in comics shops and digital comics storefronts everywhere. Click each page for a larger version.


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    Not a fan of the art - who is the artist on this?

      Not a fan of that visor design on Cyclops.

        artist is john romita jr. the romitas have a long history of comic art. his dad john romita (snr) used to do the art for spider-man.

          His stuff is good, but that visor design... He's drawn better Cyclopses.

            Youre right about the visor. I didnt pay attention to it properly, its ugly!
            The slit is also red in some shots, black in others.

              inconsistent art in a comic book? Stop the presses!

              But on a serious note, that could be to show his emotion, logically waived in that it's red when his eyes are open and black when his eyes are closed.

              That being said, it's pretty terrible that at this point in comics they can't even get a damn slit of colour right on a huge release like this.

                the close up shot of magneto's face looks really off
                I don't read Marvel comics often but I can't say the writing for this is especially good..

    Anoyone know what comic issue has Magneto joining hte X-men? Been out of touch with comics for a little bit.

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