PS3 Mass Effect 3 Available Digitally On Day One

Mass Effect 3 will be arriving on the PS3 as a day-one digital download. Digital pre-orderers will get an in-game rifle and a PlayStation theme as a bonus.


    I like where this is going.

    Sony seriously seems to be embracing the digi distro route with their consoles; at the same time they're trying to maintain relationships with hard-copy retailers.

    Yay for Sony!

      +1 They aren't doing too bad with sales on their full titles either.... if you are a PS+ member.... and have a US account ;) Still, baby steps!

    Isn't that screen shot from the IOS game? Pretty sure that's not coming to PS3.


      You're 12. No one cares what you think.

      Would be tempting, but i'm guessing they'll be charging AU$110 for it, so i'm still gonna import.

        Yup. When No. 2 came to PS3 it was like $90+ if I recall correctly. I'll be importing mine...

      Everyone is entitled to an opinion even if they are wrong. Also silly kotaku that's the iOS version, THough it does look pretty good.

    these graphics look so awesome for PS3! Why dont iPad games look like this

    And it will cost eleventy billion dollars. If PSN kept their prices within market prices this would be great, but it tends not to compete with retail prices. Ie when ME2 was being sold everywhere for $29 it was still around $99+ on the AU PSN store.

    Yeah for like almost double the price. Battlefield 3 psn store is about $109.95 this one wont be far from it either.

    Graphics will shine on PC- though I think its excellent that Sony are offering this, hoping the Nintendo and Microsoft offer the same thing in future for their platforms.

    Itll be so expensive here because the copper wires and other internetians wages must be payed. Plus the huge rents that foot paths charge those wires in order to set up shop. If they would only be willing to work for less than award then we might get a price cut. But NOOOOOOO!!!!

    Will they offer this through the Australian PSN Store though? certainly hope so...

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