PSN Update Stops Users From Accessing Paid Content

PSN Update Stops Users From Accessing Paid Content

A routine bit of maintenance on the PlayStation Network last week has gone a little pear-shaped, it seems, with users in Europe complaining that post-update they’ve been unable to access content they’ve already paid for.

While North American users appear unaffected, the problem has struck hundreds of users in PAL territories like Britain, continental Europe and Australasia.

Those affected are getting an error report labelled “80023102”, which helpfully informs them “No content was found” when a user tries to download or re-download PSN content they’ve already purchased.

A moderator on Sony’s official forums wrote earlier today that “I’m being told that the cause of the problem has been identified, but a resolution has yet to become available.”

download list& transaction list both gone or PS Store error 80023102 [PlayStation, via VG247]


  • This started almost a week ago. I grabbed all the FF games on special that I didn’t have and they refused to download. Been making me slightly cranky.

    You wouldn’t like me slightly cranky.

  • This explains a lot. I tried to purchase FFIX for the past few days and it kept denying my billing information. I already purchased and downloaded FFVII, why can’t I do the same for FFIX???!??!

  • This is awesome really, the only dlc I bought last week was for GT5 and because you download it in game it means that I had no problems with this. That said it sucks to be people that wanted FF.

    • I’d say that preventing you from accessing content that you have paid for would be considered by many people to be more than a slight error.

      • No, he is right – whever there is a PSN issue its the end of the fucking world

        I noticed something strange though – I finally installed a few PSOne games I downloaded off Plus off the last few months and noticed that after they installed, the download file is still sitting in the XMB, as if waiting to be installed. If i try to delete, it tells me it will delete the installed game

        • It’s ok to delete this as it’s just the install file for installing to the hdd. I deleted mine and the game still works fine. The only reason you’ll want to keep this is if the game can be copied to a PSP, and you want to copy the game to a PSP (I assume it will be same for the Vita too). If you delete this install file but then want to copy it to a PSP you’ll need to redownload the install file again. I found that out the hard way. Had to redownload Final Fantasy 6,7,8,9 install files all over again. 😛

    • Sony != Ubisoft

      Though as said above, people tend to have a habit of reacting so badly whenever Sony has a problem. Just be a bit more patient; the problem should be fixed soon enough.

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