Put Your Lighter In The Air For This Rock Remix Of The Skyrim Theme

As a fierce, cold land of rippling muscles and town guards who speak like Col. John Matrix, Skyrim has always struck me as a kind of ancestral home for hard rock, much in the same way Iceland is where the Supreme Council of Metal is seated. That makes this rock remix of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim especially appropriate.

The video's purpose is, essentially, the music, and if you want only that, run go get it here. But check out the dual wield swords on the back of the drummer, Paul Attanasio. Rawk!!!! /devil horns

Also credited in this performance: Matthew Pegoli, guitar; Jimit Gandhi, bass. Original music by Jeremy Soule for Bethesda Game Studios.


    A bit soft for my taste.
    I know he elaborates on top of the music, and adds bits in rather than creating a purely transposed arrangement, but I still prefer this guys cover:

      thats a Good Second, but for me the best is still the first:


        The potential for a rocking power metal song ruined by his diet coke approach is your favourite?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjSD_wk6Xro let's just add another remix to the pile. This is my personal favorite of the skyrim remixes.

    Well the drumming was stand out and awesome. The guitar was ok but pretty average and simplified compared to some of the other Skyrim metal videos.

    So how was it? I quit watching after I saw the arrow in the knee and screamed "FUCK YOU!"

    Gah, drumming was so annoying. The guitars were already flat and weak to start with and then Lars there went and drowned them all out in a performance that proves sometimes less is more.

    The whole thing droned on at a fixed level without much contrast or light and dark.

    Do kotaku get royalties for posting skyrim shit, no matter how relevant it may be?.. In other news, why is there not a single post regarding GAME UK going down the drain, and most probably down sizing AU stores? Relevance, its key in news stories...

    true class is rarely found on the internet, except in this instance.

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