Radiant Historia Gets A Re-Release In March

Radiant Historia released more than a year ago for the DS and quickly distinguished itself as a top-flight JRPG. Trouble is, Atlus didn't print enough copies to satisfy demand. Case in point: A new copy is now listing for $US105 on the used-games brokerage Glyde.

Well, fans who missed out the first time won't have to go hunting the used aisles or pay more than double the game's original price to get it. Atlus announced yesterday, via Twitter, that it is reprinting the game. It will sell for $US35 and arrive on US shelves sometime in March.

Sucks for that guy with the $US105 copy of the game, but it's good news for everyone else.

[h/t Tem Dejima and truthtellah]


    I've got my copy preordered at videogamesplus.ca. I'm not missing out again!

    I just wish they'd make an official european release so that we can get it!

      You could import from videogamesplus.ca for ~$45 ;)

    Great game... seriously good.

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