Rant: Mad As Hell, And They're Going To Take It

I swear, Battlefield fans have to be the unhappiest people on Earth.

They hate Modern Warfare. They hate Origin. They hate Electronic Arts and for all I can tell, they hate the game they play so much. It's a community that seems committed to proving itself to be the most knowledgeable, least appreciated, least understood and most pissed-off class of video gamer, an uber-treehouse among our treehouse culture.

This week Battlefieldo, described as "one of the larger Battlefield 3" communities, decided they'd had enough. Of what they have had enough, it's still not clear. It sounds like they resent a "lack of transparency and communication" between the game's developers, DICE and the community, like we're talking about representative government. Alright. This is blamed on Electronic Arts, as most things are.

Well, Battlefieldo will not be ignored! The community called for the Battlefield equivalent of a general strike. Usually a boycott is what gets attention, but when the product was sold more than four months ago, there's not a lot of damage you can do to the bottom line. Battlefieldo called for 24 hours of silence — no playing, no server activity, no social media mentions. That'll show 'em!

Naturally, they're claiming victory. They got EA/DICE to cough up patch notes, everyone! Patch notes "including bugfixes, tweaks and gameplay balancing changes." Oh, there's also going to be a weekly feature on the official Battlefield Blog called "Inside DICE".

There's a great deal of legitimate disenfranchisement felt in gaming, whether that is through DRM, obtuse, repeatedly revised EULAs and crap like SOPA and PIPA. The Battlefield blackout plainly sought to capture the net roots spirit that has shut down obnoxious legislation and shed light on abusive publisher practices. And yet they went pitchfork-and-torches upon DICE in order to get... patch notes and marketing copy? This is egregious self-parody even in a culture well-known for its disproportionate reactions.

If you want to talk about harm done to a video game community, Battlefield's can start by looking at itself. I have no desire to buy or play Battlefield 3 because its community seems to be staging a pageant to determine who can be the angriest hypercritical entitled ingrate in video gaming, which is saying a hell of a lot. Look at the reaction to the multiplayer beta. Look at the reaction to DICE's reaction. Read the comments any time anything is said about Origin or Modern Warfare 3.

Who the hell wants to be a part of that?


    Battlefield? Have you checked out the Halo forums?

      If this begins a series of one-upsmanships for worst online gaming community, the internet will likely collapse.

      I'll put mine in -- DOTA. Actually, any MOBA-style game.

        Also the entire PC gamer community.

          I'd say the console CoD kiddies can give the MOBA communities a run for their money.

          Probably end as a tie though.

            I think Bioware has some pretty bad forum people.

            This is the kind of thing you get if you report a bug:

            "There seems to be an issue where speeders constantly dismount you when you walk forward after getting on them"


              "Combat needs to be a bit tighter"


                This shouldn't be so accurate.

            Or just people, especially on the Internets.

        Starcraft 2 is appalling now, makes the average 13 year old cod fan look like a highly civilized individual. One out of two games will contain some racist bigot or openly homophobic individual. It's revolting.

        +1 to MOBA players, 1500 games of league of legends and I can see the decline from when the game came out. all the HoN players have moved and instead of 4 in 10 being complete and utter wastes of space (personality wise) now its more 7-8/10. Makes me so sad.

      what the hell is wrong with the halo forums?

    It's just people being whiney bitches. Personally I play both bf3 and mw3. At the end of the day I just want to play the game and have no time for all the political bullshit.

    FFS. An article hating on haters?

    If they are fed up with their favourite developer let them. You don't HAVE to join them, or listen to them, and they're not hurting you in any way by doing what they're doing. What is the problem?

      Haters hating on haters gotta hate.

        Haters hating on haters hating on haters gonna hate.

    I can't think of a gaming community I like, which makes the community-hating community the worst gaming community.

    At least it's not the Sonic the Hedgehog community.

    Maybe because the fans were promised Battlefield 3 and got Bad Company 3 and since that can't be fixed they need to find other avenues to improve their gaming experience.

      Nice moronic uniformed opinion. There is barely anything from Bad Company 2 that can be seen in BF3. If anything BF3 is a cross between COD and BF2.

      Please refrain from sharing your opinion in the future.

        Thanks for proving the article correct! Moron

        HEY! baskerville those "dorrito" triangles over everyones heads is a good start.

    I've been playing Battlefield 3 for ages now, and I had no idea any of this is happening. There is the possibility that people just play games for fun, and don't participate in any of the protesting and complaining.

      Some_Guy, change your name to THIS_GUY!

      Nail on the head! Good commenting about how he doesn't want to play a good because of the loud obnoxious internet trolls who also play the game.

      Real-life example: Do you look at the Australian Christian Lobby and say "wow that Christianity stuff is whack! All those Christians are horrible."

      Out of all the people that play BF3, I wouldn't be suprised if less than half of them (if not more) sit online ranting about the game.

      This article pisses me off because of how high and mighty this guy is.

    This is what happens when games stop being fun you.
    Either that or pent up sexual frustration lol sad bunch

    I play a fair bit of BF3.. this article is accurate..

    The forums on Battlelog are simply post after post from entitled douchebags.. I don't recall a single positive post that I have read..

    My favourite thread type is the notion that is constantly put forward that the game is not yet finished and is still essentially a beta..

    The threads about the 'game breaking' bugs are always good as well.. apart from a rare crash here and there, the game has run just fine for me and everyone I know who plays since release..

    Maybe the majority of the community is happy and just plays, like I do.. perhaps we should hit battlelog and spam it with positive threads filled with praise..

    "Fans are clingy, complaining dipshits who will never ever be grateful for any concession you make. The moment you shut out their shrill, tremulous voices, the happier you'll be for it."

      Sounds like something someone from Infinity Ward or Treyarch would say...

      You can't ignore every piece of criticism a fan gives. Sure, shut the hate and everything out, but if you're not paying attention to anything a fanbase says you have failed as a developer.

      Good old Yahtzee.

        Ah, that's who it's from. Makes a lot more sense now.

    Slow news day Kotaku?

      I'd say so.

    The simplest solution is Owen's solution, just don't buy the game, if a mass of users don't buy it, this will effect sales and will result in actual changes.

    I don't understand why battlefieldo thinks they have the right to access EA's or DICE's patch notes, this is THEIR software, THEIR IP and THEIR quality control. If EA and/or DICE decide not to release the notes, it's their decision.

      The problem with that idea is that for every "outraged" person who choses not to buy the game, there are at least a hundred ordinary consumers who don't care about DRM or Origin or whatever the latest travesty is and just want to play a fun game. You can see a lot of this sort of boycott mentality in the Mass Effect community at the moment, but unfortunately for them, it won't make a damned bit of difference.

      It's good that fans of a game can stick to their principles, but when they all seem to be going out of their way to be indignant, whiny shits then you just want absolutely no part of it.

        The boycotting movements have always been a joke to me. More often than not the boycotters will go out and buy the game on day one.

        I don't understand why people think its important to make a stand on something like this when there are so many other more worthy things you could be putting your energy into.

    In part i agree, it takes E.A FAR TOO LONG to roll out patches, its been 3 weeks since they released the one that included your ping..... that YOU cannot see.

    Another thing is that random death bug. climbed over a fence, died. Jumped onto a road from the footpath, died.

    The worst thing is the origin platform and battle log. You DON'T release a triple A "revolutionary" shooter on a fucking BETA platform, it's an excuse to make more money. That is the end of it.

      Did you see HL2 get released on the original Steam?
      Didn't work very well at all.

        People are meant to learn from the mistakes of others, I cant go out and get a contract to build a bridge, throw some sticks together then fall back on the excuse "Well its MY first try, I couldn't be bothered seeing what others have done to improve and refine the design."

    Just to clarify, I personally hate Origin because it's EA forcing its own Steam rival on us whether I like it or not. I don't particulalrly hate Call of Duty, but I do hate people who start useless opinionated arguements over which franchise is better. And I also hate this article for implying that Battlefield players are eltists who hate everything around them just for the sake of it.

    Just because i Dislike the way the game is distributed or the financial plans of the money hungry publishers doesn't mean i dislike the game.

    The worst community in the one at kotaku. Man I hate those guys! /sarcasm

    I would agree if this were any other community, but the Bf3 community has, actually, had it pretty rough recently. Over priced Back to Karkand, still bugs/weapon balances to be sorted out, the promise of a DLC announcement that never came, 'fixes' that just take away the cool stuff from when the game first came out etc.

    MW3 ain't so bad. It might not be a team game, but that means you don't have to rely on useless gits to enjoy it (BF3?)

    That said, I enjoy both, very different games. Quit your bitching I say

    Also, a lot of people are just straight up unable to play the game they paid for. There's a thread on the BF3 forums that is over 150 pages of people who simply cannot join games anymore (I'm one of them). I love the game, when I can play it, but it does seem like it was rushed out with a lot of bugs, and I can't blame people for being upset about it.

    No PS3 BF3 players have been able to use the Aus servers for a month. No acknowledgement of the problem from EA/DICE yet. I don't hate the game, I hate buying a great game and then not being able to play it with no explanation why the servers stopped working for Australian PS3 players a month ago.

      aaahhhh!! lol, I tried to go a day without thinking of that issue, then I had to back there and check it and bump if need be.

      for the rest of you, a good cross section of the BF3 community


    Someone I know lost his wife and child in a car accident, is watching his only remaining parent die of a terminal disease, lost $300,000 in a scheme and has to sell his car to keep his house.

    Never heard him complain once. Gamers have it pretty damn easy if you ask me.

    I remember that Tetris community.. pack of vipers they were.

    People aren't making new complaints most of the time, most of the issues are things that have been around since release. I couldn't even join servers for 3 weeks and many servers still fail to connect for no reason. Rubber banding can be extreme depending on many factors, there's still many bugs in the game and strange deaths. FPS fans tend to be very competitive but I don't think BF3 is reliable enough a shooter to facilitate that and many players get frustrated. Hacking is also a massive problem the developers don't have much hope addressing. Many server owners/renters were baffled at Dice's handling of the system as well. Origin is also flakey and completely unnecessary when the entire game is run from browser.

    What I don't understand is what other people have a problem with when one raises an issue or gets annoyed the product they purchased is clearly unfinished. Being dissatisfied with a product is now a glaring character flaw to many weird gamers. Demanding to have some insight as to what is going on with the game after so much silence isn't a big deal.

    And really "entitled ingrate"? Is money not worth anything anymore? What do we have to be grateful for? Dice and EA are not doing us a favor by fixing their game, they would not if it was not in their interest to do so. Their the ones that want to treat games as a service, expect complaints.

      How dare you imply people are having issues with Bad Company 3!!! The sheer nerve of people like yourself is astounding. EA are perfect in every single way.

      siEAg hEAil!!

    Implying fans need to be appreciative when the fans are paying for a product.

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