Razer’s Blade Gaming Laptop In My Hot Little Hands

Razer’s Blade Gaming Laptop In My Hot Little Hands

Early last year PC peripheral maker Razer introduced the world to the Razer Blade, a device CEO Min-Liang Tan boldly described as “the world’s first gaming laptop”. Well now the world’s first gaming laptop is in my dining room. Let’s open this baby up, shall we?

Of course we shall.

As the Blade’s promised Christmas release came and went without a unit shipping, I started to wonder if this $US2800 dedicated gaming machine would ever see the light of day.

Now that it’s in my dining room I can’t say it’ll get much sun, but it will definitely get a vigorous going-over before Razer pries it forcibly out of my hands. Good luck with that, Razer. They told me investing in an automatic turret defence system was silly, but I’ll show them.

Look for my initial impressions of the Blade on Monday, after I’ve had some time to futz about with the unit.


    • Won’t be able to run Battlefield 3 on max and depending on the mods you use with Skyrim it won’t run it max either.

      • My Alienware m18x with dual 580m’s can run all games max detail. BF3, Skyrim with all HD textures and tweaks. Both games get solid 60 fps. So that should be a benchmark…granted it cost a bit more then the razer. So it will be interesting to see.

  • This is a joke, almost $3000. If I was silly enough to spend this kind of money I would much rather go with an Alienware laptop, and I would never even do that. Really cannot see this selling well.

      • That’s very cute Chazz, but you could give people a teeny bit more credit. As long as you buy an Alienware laptop a year or so down the track their pricing is not that bad considering the quality of the build. Sure you can get the same CPU, GPU etc in a cheaper laptop (sometimes quite a bit cheaper), you really are getting something pretty flimsy.

        • Flimsy? Really? You used a metabox or clevo gaming laptop? Checked out the Asus G73 series by any chance? Alienware builds are no more or less solid than any other brand of gaming laptop.

    • Yeah and that’s the US price whats the price gonna be like on the AU site we always pay jacked up prices. Speaking of Alienware hasn’t the m17x been out for years now cant see how this is “the world’s first gaming laptop”.

      • I think it’s to do with the LCD panel and those buttons. Gaming laptops are just good hardware in a standard laptop case with the trackpad stupidly placed in the centre or towards the left half the keyboard. So technically the Razer Blade is the first commercially released laptop to actually be designed for gaming in every aspect rather than JUST the internal hardware.

      • Should also add that you should NEVER refer to a company’s website for prices. Just look at the logitech site. Items will always sell for much cheaper.

        • I’d agree with that in general but all dell hardware is an exception, how many stores can you buy Alienware comps from? Also when you buy through anyone but dell you loose the option to customize. We pay twice what Americans pay for the Alienware range. There’s not a single store (online or brick and mortar) that could come close to the American prices. Personally I find it insulting that a computer could be $1999 in the US and $3999 for exactly the same thing here from the same company. There’s no excuse for that. Unless you know someone you trust in the states to have your US order delivered too or you’re willing to go through an import company you have no leg to stand on when it comes to paying a reasonable price.

  • i am not looking for one but where is the best place to get an alienware laptop aside from Harvey norman and the web?

  • Compared to my HP Dv7, not that beefy. Even though my HP only runs certain titles, and rarely max settings. I wouldn’t buy this at the price suggested.

    I’d just build a desktop.

    Maybe a stupid question but where is the ventilation? Surely even a laptop built for gaming still needs considerable airflow. There appears to be only 2 relatively small vent panels on either side at the front underneath. Can that really be enough?

  • Why have they made a “Gaming” laptop so small and reduced it’s abilities? 555M on the notebookcheck site is sitting down at 39%. My 2 year old G73 has a 5870 up at 49% (no idea what the % means btw). Mike goes on about its size, but compared to other 17.3’s it’s tiny. 256G SSD is fairly limiting too. Its competition has 2 bays.

  • Oh that’s right, I bought my G73 and all those Alienware customers bought their m18xs for…work…purposes….
    …and that 60″plasma is a monitor for my… work….. laptop…. mr taxman

  • Does anyone know how you can get a Razer Blade sent to Australia? I am aching to buy one but I can’t find how to get it sent here?

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