Remember This?

Today we've got a guest Remember This from Bane, who sent me this suggestion. Man, I'll be blown away if someone gets this without a second image... GOOD LUCK!


    Hmm a red X........ Could be anything :p

      Red X... oh god you're still using Internet Explorer *facepalm*

        Sadly I am at work, and Internet explorer is the only web browser they allow us to use ~LOL~

      It's the blue question mark game for me - must be its mobile port.

    At least you get a red X...I get nothing.

    I'm not seeing a picture here, no wonder you'd be blown away if someone gets it.


    Oh wait, that actually came out last year...

    Halloween Harry

    No picture?

    It's VAPORWARE!!!!!!

      Clearly HL2: Ep 3

      The calls for communication have been answered

    Since it's missing, I'd guess Rage on an ATI gfx card, ho ho ho.

    The dig.

    Chinese Censorship: THE GAME!!!

      Haha that's fantastic!

    Oooh ohh - Mortal Kombat - the Australian release.

    Found the image file... sort of...

    Half Life 3.

    Noughts and Crosses - Erotic Edition

    I see nothing, I think I know what game it is though. Is it RL Purgatory? Or RL Limbo?

    Sim City 3000

    its a game on the playstation, G-Police

    JourneyMan project?

      I reckon you're right:

      nice work... this is the first one ive seen and actually known straight away. definitely Journeyman Project

      Well done :) I had one look at that image and yelped "Journeyman Project!" at my computer...


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