Remember This?

Heh heh heh. Yeah, I got you today. PROVE ME WRONG! (I'll add a second pic in the afternoon if you guys are struggling!



    Lemmings Paintball?

      I always wanted to play Lemmings paintball but never got around to getting it

        It's not Lemmings paintball though, I can say that pretty confidentally.

    what would you say, if I said POPULOUS?

      I'd say I was thinking the same thing. Definitely an old-school isometric game.

    The colour palette makes me think Amiga, but I lost count of the number of isometric games I played on that machine.

    Defender of the crown

    grannys maze?

    I'm going to take a massively wild stab in the dark here. Heimdall?

      It's not Heimdall, but holy crap if you didn't just send me on a mad nostalgic daze back to playing that game on my Amiga.

        *fires up UAE*'s just not the same..

        woah.. I loved that game, load times were terrible though :)

        Haha, happy to help. I never really played an awful lot of it myself but for some reason it just popped into my head when I saw the picture.

    No idea, but that EGA colour palette takes me back!

    Is it one of the digital versions of hero quest?

    Ok, my last guess. Rings of Power for the megadrive... it's gotta be an isometric strategy of some kind.

      You know what Nuddy, I reckon you got it right. Although Rings of Power was an RPG, not a strategy. Dumb ass.

        hehe, thanks Nuddy. What would I do without you?
        You are looking good today by the way.

      Definitely Rings of Power.
      God damn that game was awesome. Best game on the mega-drive.

        not the exact screenshot, but close enough.

    An ultima?

    One of the gold box AD&D games methinks

    What was the game yesterday? It seemed people thought it was G-Police or Journeyman Project but no confirmation was given. Mark or Tracy can you please give confirmation on the Remember This? segments if you're going to put them up. Thanks


        totally agree, still don't know what was the answer for the 26th as well.
        if Mark or Tracey don't confirm the answer we have to rely on someone finding the screenshot, which is getting annoying, especially when no one manages to find it.


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