Remember This?

Can you remember this? I think you guys will get it within 15 minutes today...


    the dig

      LE SIGH

        "You started it, show me everything. I think I can handle myself."

    Ummm...cream with black line and blue thing?

    Yeah I got nothin on this one. Is this a screenshot or a fragment of box art?

      If it's box art my vote would be SMB 3 as well.

    Reverse psychology, I like it!

    I'm guessing Yoshi's Story on N64

    I have absolutely squat although it looks like a box art to me

    Super Mario World


      I'M A PSYCHIC!

        can you post a link to it?

          Maybe something similar to this. Off to the left of the black message box

          Name-Pun intended?

            No actually i almost always comment under it lol.

      and for my next trick, tomorrow's entry will be: Alex Kidd in Miracle World

    I'm thinking Flatland from Super Smash Bros Melee/Brawl.

    15 minutes and nothing. Wow.

    Uh... Rhythm Heaven?

    Mario Kart SNES

    Super Mario Brothers 3?

      Yeah kinda looks like the ending to the level with the black BG

      However i remember it bring not so smooth :/

        Actually yeah, I completely agree. End of a level in SMB 3.

    the next android operating system chocolate ice cream balloon??

    skyward sword?

    Yoshi's Island 4: The Beige-ening

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