Remember This?

Do you remember the game from this fragment of a screenshot? Kotaku reader M. Ludlow has taken pity on us editors for posting screenshots that readers can guess within two minutes, so he has suggested a game that will hopefully stump everyone. Leave your answer in the comments!


    Attack of the cyan cube monster

    Bart vs The Space Mutants

      It looks like a good match. I was going to say Lemmings

        Nope, that is not the game!

    havent we had bart vs the space mutants recently?

    Slime volleyball.


      I just realised it's not because the grass in Eversion has a texture to it.

    Pole Position

      Pole Position has mountains between the sky and the ground.


      4D Sports Driving.

      That was my thought too, well, more specifically stunt racer (possibly 2000)

      I loved that game

    Excite Bike

    F-29 Retaliator?

    Lombard Rally?

    So hard with EGA colour pallette, could be so many games

    Red baron or flight simulator 3 for pc?

    scorched earth.

    Or maybe Chuck Yeager's Advnaced Flight Sim. But I think we've had that one before.

    Dig, The: The prequel. Before they dig.

    It is none of the games you have mentioned.

      You're enjoying this aren't you?

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