Remember This? [Updated]

Remember This? [Updated]

In Mark’s absence, and given my status as the avowed office retro nut, I’ve been handed the task of picking today’s game image. Can you guess the game from this fragmentary shot?

Note: I’ll be hanging around my usual haunt at Gizmodo Australia most of the afternoon, so won’t be checking answers every micro-second, so you may have to wait slightly longer than normal for confirmation. If I’ve hit the holy grail of subtle images (highly unlikely based on past Kotaku reader performance — I suspect I’ll be lucky if this lasts two minutes) then I’ll update with another clue later in the afternoon.

Updated: Wow — Given some of the challenges that have tumbled like weeds in the past, I’m surprised that nobody’s picked up this one. So I’ll do another image based on the original shot, to give a bit more of a clue.

Remember This? [Updated]

Go to it!


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