Remember This?

Man, I've been broken. After stubbornly thinking I could beat you guys, I've been reluctant to take suggestions for Remember This, but I think it's time to admit defeat! Today's suggestion comes from Puppylicks. Good luck everyone! I'll add a second pic later this afternoon if you guys are struggling.


    Final fantasy IX?

    Donkey Kong Country 3

    Eco the dolphin?

    Sid Meier's Pirates?

    The anticipation! The tension!
    Just waiting and hoping that people won't guess it too quickly, or at all!
    Damn Mark, it's an intense game being on the other side of the Remember This coin.

    Cheers for taking my suggestion by the way :)

    the adventures of Nessie the Loch Ness monster IV

    I was gonna go with Seaquest DSV for the SNES, but those rocks look kind of off. Then again, I never got past the second hub area.

    Cannon Fodder

    DINK SMALLWOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      One of the best games you will ever play. I've got so many mods for this thing. Seriously. I can't believe other people know about Dink Smallwood

        Oh damnit, I knew I'd seen that grass texture somewhere before.

        HAHAHA i was looking for a disk yesterday and came across an old copy of Dink Smallwood. fantastic game!

        Nice! I've never heard of the game before, and now because of Remember This, I've even discovered that it's a free download! Better still, it runs on Linux. You can bet I'll be trying it out now.

      I knew I had seen that before. Excellent game, regardless of how severely unpolished it was. One of the few games I finished to the end.

        *played to the end. I wonder how you finish a game not to the end...

          Can one not be finished with a game without finishing it?

          Food for thought. *taps smoking pipe*

    Oh that looks familiar

    I think it is the fishing mini game thing of an RPG. Just don't know which one

    Red Alert!

    I remember that! Great suggestion PuppyLicks.

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