Remember This?

Man, yesterday's Remember This was ridiculous. Ruffleberg managed to sweep in with a ridiculous guess that completely boggled my mind. Today we have another Remember This suggestion — this time from Chazz. Thanks for sending it in. If you guys are struggling, I'll update later this afternoon with another pic.


    Hello Kitty Adventure Island.

    The dig.


    Could be any number or games sigh

    I'm going to throw out a wild guess and say Onimusha 3.


    Medieval 2: Total War?

    Might and magic 4

    umm... Ico?

    Name I can not remember - was on the Playstation and when you complete it you have the main characters and a summoned beast are playing dungeons and dragons - and the beast keeps asking the DM to roll and see if he is drunk - One of the others keeps asking to cast Magic Missle at the darkness.

    Name of the game no idea


        Summoner - thats the one - yeah it looks like some of the starting area - can't remember if I ever finished it or not O.o

    Call of Cthulu: Dark Corners of the Earth

      50 minutes...not bad.

      My I ask how?

        Lighting and texture just looked familiar. I haven't played it for aaaaaaages though, so it was more stab in the dark than anything else.

        Woohoo! I finally got one!


    Change of heart... i'm thinking the city of Luca in FFX?

    Final Fantasy IX?

      I think you're right. I remember the feathery sort of effect in the FMV's for FFIX, and that screenshot has it in spades.

    Never played this but I'm going to say Skyrim because that would be a huge FU

    It could be any number of games, but my guess for now is Shadow of Memories.

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