Remember This?

Sometimes when I put together a 'Remember This', I just know it's too easy. But I want to see just how quickly people get it. This is one of those posts. Have at it!


    Ready 2 Rumble!!!

      Ready 2 Rumble: Round 2!

        I knew it as soon as I saw the letters.

        Funnily enough, I have actually never played any of the games in the series before.

        Yeah looks correct, this isn't the screen shot but shows the RU

      Yep it's either one of those, I couldn't remember the name!

      One minute.... that fills me with awe and fear in equal measure

    lol same, noticed the letters immediately...

    Conker's Bad Fur Day on N64 (or something else made by Rare).

      Yeah I thought of Diddy Kong Racing.

    The wig

      The Rig

        The Stig.

        (I was about to say The Brig, but that would actually be a good game name)

          The Jig? That weird dancing game for commodore 64?

            The Trig: Geometry Battles

              The Cig: Smoker's Edition

                The Big : game adaptation of the novel of mice and men.

    Sam and max hit the road

    Ru: The Videogame

    Ready 2 Rumble, but someone's beaten me to it :(

    Alphabet soup??

    READY TO RU-oh someone's got it already :(

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