Remember This? [UPDATED]

Do you remember the game from this fragment of a screenshot? Today's Remember This recommendation comes from Kotaku reader Ben Kosmina. Leave your answer in the comments and if no one guesses the game I'll post a clue! Go nuts, but try to avoid gunfights, if possible.


    Going by the clue, I'm gonna jump in early and guess 'The Wild Bunch' on C64...

    Rype on gameboy?

    The remake of that old Nintendo Game and Watch game with the octopus?

    If it was really an original gameboy screenshot it wouldnt have a white background, it would have a green one.

    With the high quality graphics its clearly call of duty black ops 2 . :P

      Take that comment down *now* or you will no longer be invited to comment on any future Modern Warfare stories

      haha come on, you do have to love the irony given how many hundreds of hours i spend on cod games in a year. But the activision wouldn't see it that way.

    That Pokemon Ghost Black version where you use your ghost Pokemon to kill everyone.


    What was last Friday's answer?

      Mark says Friday's answer was "Jade Empire".

        Ahhh Thanks tracey!

    Fist of the Cowboy: The Legend of Chuck Norris.

    Burnout Paradise?

    whats the email address to send some suggestions too? I think I have a good one.

      tracey.lien [at]

    Knowing Ben its almost certainly something incredibly esoteric.

    Ohhh Law of the west!!!

      Was Thinking the Same

      Stupid kid: I've got a secret I won't tell!
      Gunman: BANG!;05;7

      but was it any good?,57237/

      "Try to avoid gunfights, if possible."

      Yep, that is the game. Yay!

        WOOHOO used to play this game as a kid SO long ago...... C64 kids unite!!

        This is no doubt a dumb question, but where exactly is the first screenshot located in that image?

          Ah never mind, the colours are different in the image that Tracey posted.

        I loved this game! Though it always disturbed me that the sheriff seemed to have 6 fingers.

    Yay I remember playing that as a youngling, but I don't think I ever would have thought of it again if it had not been for this articule, like the synaped in my brain had been removed.

    Here's a pretty decent runthrough -

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