Remember This?

Do you remember the game from this fragment of a screenshot? Leave your answer in the comments! I'm not sure if I should be leaving clues here given how quickly readers tend to guess the game, but here it goes anyway: it won't be long until this retro gem isn't retro any more.


    California Street Games

    River City Ransom?

    Aren't Retro Studios remaking a handful of different games?

      Erm, Retro City Rampage

        Nope, (too literal, and) the blues are all wrong.


      hah nice

        yup was just bout to post the link to the screenshot myself. The blue just screemed at me. knew what it was instantly.

      Yes! It is Karateka! Man, that did not take very long.

      Karateka is getting a remake, hence while it will not be so retro pretty soon. :)

      Well done, BloodyApathy!

        I think we need to start having 2 a day for if it gets guessed under 30 minutes. What am i going to do to waste work hours now?

        Next time it should just be the blue/flat colour. That'll show 'em.

    The Dig: Shovel in the Sky

      Bit late today Shane.
      (sorry just a dig)

        I dig it :)

          It's a pit..ty you were a bit slow today Shane.
          Yeah, that pun was a "hole" lot worse than your's; not bad enough for me to "sink into a depression" though!


    Duck hunt?

    Microsoft's Windows 95 Blue Screen Of Death

    Unfair. My Karateka was in three shades of amber on an apple IIe

    I'm going with Duck Hunt.

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