Remember This?

Man, I've been getting destroyed. I'm not holding out much hope for this one either. If you guys struggle (I doubt it) I'll upload a second pic later.


    I am probably wrong but is it Terminal Velocity?

      This is what I was thinking too!

        Can't be TV - no texture dithering in the grand old days of software rendering. Thinking along those arcade-spaceship-shooter lines, it could be Hellbender, but that texture looks awfully N64ish.

    Star wars episode 1: pod racing?

    Donkey Kong 64? It's gotta be an N64 game, it's got that telltale poo mappping technology.

      Oh man! Laughed out loud!

    I'm gonna go for Magic Carpet

    Castlevania 64

    Final Fantasy VIII?


    Rome: Total War


    Mechwarrior 3.

    majora's mask

    Buck Bumble
    Holy Magic Century - though didn't we have this a few weeks back
    Diddy Kong Racing
    Pokemon Snap
    Just a few of the N64 games I know with ground kind of like this

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