Remember This? [Update]

Actually, I think I actually put up a good fight yesterday. Today is the day where I break you all! (Most likely you'll get it in 10 minutes and I'll be left hugging my own elbows in a strait-jacket).

Oh lord! I've got you guys now!


    Dune 2?

      It's gotta be dune 2. First thing that came to mind!

      Hmm, although maybe not. What a classic game though. I sunk some hours into that badboy!

      *Report* * Acknowledged* *Report* * Acknowledged* *Report* * Acknowledged* *Harkonnen harvester spotted* *Repo- Ackno-* *Rep-Ack* *Rep-Ack -* *Rep-Ack -* *Rep-Ack -*

        Totally. How badly did the AI cheat though?

        I remember once it actually killed my units by placing buildings on top of them.

      I'm thinking it's the remake, Dune 2000, actually. I don't remember there being those anti-tank concrete pyramids in the original Dune 2.

        Anti Tank pyramids?
        Them be rocks dude.

      or Super Dune 2 (if Serrels was being massively evil and nitpicky...)

    Airborne ranger or desert strike

      I was thinking airbone ranger myself, kind of reminds me of the trenches

      Holy crap... Airborne Ranger?!? I had that on the C64... don't think I've even thought about it for about 20 years!

      The thinking man's Commando :D

        Loved Airborne Rangers too - checked it ou on PC not too long ago but it's in EGA. Just terrible. I'm thinking someone needs to remake it for our phones.

          Spent months on that game. The keyboard overlay slowly disintegrating. LOL

    This seems so familiar, but then, sand textures are pretty common...

    Google image search gives me this:

    so that's my vote

      eww.. what is that?
      That looks like the aftermath of a big night out

        Google Translate tells me its Tinusis pie:

          And all I got to say about that is:
          "მოვზილოთ ჩვეულებრივი ფენოვანი ცომი!!!!"

    Star wars on SNES. Also had a port on Gameboy? (not colour though)


    Strike Gunner on the snes?

    Super Off-Road, or Skidmarks

    Cannon Fodder 2

    Super Star Wars?

    Looks like one of those old top down car racers so...

    World Rally
    World Rally 2

    Can't think of any others.

      I think you're right.

      Micro Machines on the SNES?

    Prince of Persia 2?

    Seiken Densetsu 3?

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